You have the eyes of a hawk if you can see a deadly snake hiding among the leaves.

REDDIT users tested their hawk eyes trying to spot a deadly snake hiding among the leaves on this forest floor in a photo.

It shows a harmless forest floor covered in dry leaves, sticks and pieces of green plants, but among them lurks a deadly snake, can you see it?


Can you spot the poisonous snake lurking in the leaves?

“The reason why you have to watch every step you take when you are in the woods,” the author of the publication wrote next to the photo.

The image left users scratching their heads.

“According to this, watching your steps seems pointless. Unless you want to spend an entire afternoon doing a very safe 50 foot walk,” wrote one person.

“You have to use your canes like the blind use canes,” another quipped.

“That’s why I wear closed shoes,” said another.

“You have to run and scream as loud as you can while in the woods. This will scare anyone,” wrote a third.

Look a little closer and you’ll notice the shape of the letter S on the left side of the yellow-green leaf in the middle.

The venomous copper snake has light brown triangles and is completely camouflaged by foliage.

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Reddit users have been scratching their heads trying to find the slippery snake – here it is


Reddit users have been scratching their heads trying to find the slippery snake – here it is

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