A touching story. A heroic golden retriever saved an injured golden eagle from freezing to death in the snow

The hero dog did his best and acted heroically to save the bald eagle from freezing to death in the cold.

A dog named Kenai walks with his owner and his friends. The golden retriever is very friendly. He’s only three years old.

The dog is very intelligent. He noticed the eagle was freezing and started barking to warn his owner of an eagle in distress.

The owner and her friend realized that something was wrong and went after the dog. They saw a wounded Crusader Eagle lying on the riverbank.

Crusader Eagles need medical attention. Eagle ticks are not only injured but also poisonous. He was taken to the Raptor Center.

Now the bald eagle is safe as it has been properly treated. Thanks to this dog and its friends, the bald eagle was safe. If they don’t act quickly, the eagle will freeze to death.

Here is a touching scene:

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