WWE 2K22 Had To Pay To Keep Randy Orton’s Tattoos In The Game

The artist behind WWE superstar Randy Orton’s unique arm tattoo just won her lawsuit “WWE 2K22” Publisher Take-Two Interactive, now must pay her damages. WWE 2K Games will generally include any tattoo of a particular wrestler as part of their in-game likeness, with the exception of copyright restrictions of any kind. While this is relatively straightforward for images of licensed characters or company logos, original tattoo designs are a more complicated matter.

Like any other work of art, tattoos are copyrighted by their creators and when NBA 2K CZK The series of photos recreate images of athletes in real life.this WWE 2K In 2020, Catherine Alexander, creator of Randy Orton’s tribal tattooed sleeve, sued Take-Two for depicting it in a WWE game and the series would be in legal trouble. She asked WWE for damages in 2009 for a fake Randy Orton tattoo on her sleeve. But he was laughed at. Alexander will then visit a federal judge in Illinois, who determined in the partial summary ruling that WWE and Take-Two had indeed copied her work in an already troubled area. towel. “WE 2K20”.

Now, the full sentence in Catherine Alexander’s 2K lawsuit has been delivered, along with the amount the publisher had to pay her to use Randy Orton’s tattoo in 2K. “WE 2K22”.based on gas chromatographya jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois found that the use of Alexander’s tattoo design “WE 2K22” Not a fair use case for 2K. As a result, the publisher owed her $3,750 in damages, but since all profits from the game have disappeared since then. “WWE 2K22”belong to The successful release earlier this year is a direct result of her tattoo designs appearing in the game and she is not entitled to any further compensation.

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Randy Orton’s Tattoo Artist Paid $3,750 for WWE 2K22

This isn’t the first time Take-Two Interactive has been sued for using athletes’ tattoos in in-game descriptions. In 2020, a tattoo company called Solid Oak Sketches argued that its publisher had suffered similar damages for using body art by LeBron James, Kenyon Martin and Eric Bledsoe in his works. NBA 2K CZK series because it owns the copyright to their tattoo design. However, the judge in the case ruled in favor of Take-Two because it had an agreement with the NBA that included the player’s image rights.

As one of WWE’s top Superstars, Randy Orton will almost certainly be in the sequel. wwe Video Game – Developed for release sometime next year. What is less certain is the result of the successful prosecution of Katherine Alexander “WWE 2K22” Publisher Take-Two Interactive will feature wrestlers like Randy Orton in the game, at least when it comes to their distinctive tattoos. For now, however, Alexander appears to have stayed out of her legal battles and has received a small amount of compensation for using her tattoo designs. “WWE 2K22”.

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