Stranger Things’ Demobats Explained (Where Were They Before?)

Warning: Spoiler strange things Season 4 Episode 1!

Overcome the new creatures of the Upside Down strange things Season 4 Episode 1 as Demobats. This fearsome species acts as a secondary antagonist alongside the main antagonist of this installment, Vecna. strange things Tend to debut new monsters from The Upside Down, the Demobats’ presence raises questions about their place in the first three seasons.

After Eleven accidentally opens the door to the Upside Down World, the world of the Upside Down World begins to infiltrate Hawkins’ world and new threats emerge. First, it was the Demogorgon, a large two-legged creature that lived in strange things Part 1. The next section will reveal more about Demogorgon life cycle through pollyog and Demodog stages. The latter plays a larger role, as Demodogs are unleashed in Hawkins, and the season’s main antagonist, the Mind Flayer, takes control. so does the mind flayers. strange things Season 3, is the leader of the group Upside Down. Also known as the “Shadow Fiend”, a sentient being created from dust particles, but has the ability to control other beings in the Upside Down world, as well as its human host.

While Vecna ​​appears to be following the Mind Flayer’s orders and causing serious problems for Hawkins’ team, it turns out that the Demobats are also a problem. Large bat-like creatures shown on strange things Season 4 revolves around the upside down version of Creel House. However, they didn’t show up until “Chapter Six: The Dive”, when they pulled Steve Harrington out of “Watergate”. Unlike normal bats, Demobats have tendon appendages that can strangle their victims. They also bite, which Steve soon discovered. In “Chapter 7: Massacre at Hawkins Laboratory,” with the help of Nancy Wheeler, Eddie Munson, and Robin Buckley, the group is able to shoot down a group of protesters before another group of protesters approaches them. Get rid of these protesters. Which begs the question: Where have these protesters gone since? strange things Part 1?

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Why You Don’t See Protesters Before ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Demobats never appear in strange things Before Season 4. That said, the mysteries of separate dimensions are still emerging, including the existence of powerful forces like Vecna. As the “generals” of the Mind Flayer, Demobats seem to exist to protect and guard against Vecna, similar to the flying monkey and evil witch of the West. Wizard of OzInterestingly, the Demobats mostly appear when the show mocks Vecna’s villain, especially around his headquarters, Creel House. When Steve, Nancy, and the group made their way through the Upside Down to the trailer park in episode 7, a Demobat watched before warning Vecna. Therefore, it is possible that this species has not been seen since Vecna ​​is not a threat yet.

Unlike pollywog and Demodog, Demobats are not a stage of the Demogorgon lifecycle, so there is no reason to show them until strange things Part 4. While they may look smaller than Demodogs, their flying behavior is new to Hawkins’ group. Their presence is also a good reminder that The Upside Down is still rife with surprises and, unfortunately, unseen creatures.

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