Winchesters Fans Celebrate THAT Supernatural Return (But Want More)

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Winchesters fans are celebrating Supernatural’s surprise return and want to see more of their beloved characters if the show is renewed.

This article contains key spoilers for The Winchesters Season 1, Episode 13 winner Fans are celebrating these surprises Supernatural Returning, they want to see more. In the final episode of the prequel, Dean (Jason Ackles) gets a lot of attention. But he’s not the only familiar face to make a notable appearance: winner The season 1 finale also featured Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jim Beaver as rough hunter Bobby Singer. The guest trio has fans buzzing on social media, with calls for The CW to renew the show growing.

Many social media responses and tweets have congratulated Dean, Bobby and Jake on the return of an episode. The others were delighted that Bobby and Dean had the chance to share their screens again. But some fans have also shared their comeback wish lists, if winner Season 2 arrives – and it includes Cass (Misha Collins) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). Check out the options below:

Every supernatural character in Winchesters to date

Jim Beaver as Singer Bobby in The Winchesters

With its premise, winner include some Supernatural figure. Drake Roger and Meg Donnelly play younger versions of John and Mary from different worlds, and their parents also appear. But the show also features appearances from some of the famous angels and demons from the original books. Ruth Connell plays Rowena; Richard Speight Jr. also returns as Loki. Even though he doesn’t show the opposite Supernatural Chuck character, Rob Benedict plays Tango.

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Unlike other attempts from Supernatural and open the world, winner Not afraid to link back to its predecessor. If the series is renewed, it will be interesting to see if the prequel decides to set itself apart from the previous one or lean more towards it. Eventually, the story settles: Dean, believing he helped John and Mary, provides them with his diary, and the sequel is essentially free to explore new paths.

But at least, according to fans winner, they still want to see some faces. Whether that happens is up to the CW’s discretion. But so far, prequels have shown their ability to bring back beloved characters in a way that feels organic and complements the story, rather than just ticking the box and providing service for them. for fans.

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