Genshin Impact: Best Characters To Use Vermillion Hereafter Artifacts

Genshin Shock Recently added in patch 2.6, one of the many additions is a new area, The Chasm, along with two new sets of Artifacts: Echoes of Devotion and Chusha of the Afterlife. Players are free to crush these Artifacts to upgrade their characters, but it may not be immediately clear who works best with them. Cinnabar Afterlife’s four-piece effect is niche, but very powerful when paired with the right characters.

Later cinnabar artifact can be obtained in it The Genshin effect Latest Kingdom: The Lost Valley. The Lost Valley is enclosed by a small puzzle in the Rift, but once the player finds it, they are free to enter it, as well as a luxurious treasure chest underneath it. This top tier realm only contains three Ruin-like enemies so running multiple times is quite easy, not as tedious as some other kingdoms.

The Vermilion Afterlife Artifact Set is another set that has a 2-piece set bonus of +18% ATK. However, the reward for its 4-piece set is unique in that Genshin Shock. Although it is a bit lengthy, it can be summarized as follows: when the character uses Elemental Burst, the attack power will increase by 8% for 16 seconds. After that, each time the character loses health, their attack power will increase by 10%, up to a maximum of 40% (these stacks will disappear when the character leaves the field). Thus, when stacking up to 2 bonuses, the artifact set will provide a total of 66% attack damage to the equipped character.

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Genshin Impact: Xiao is the best cinnabar user since

To put it simply and realistically, the only character who can bring out the full potential of the Empress Chu context is Xiao. Currently, Shaw is the only character Genshin Shock As part of his kit, it has a constant HP drain, meaning he can easily earn bonuses from the kit without the player having to put in extra effort. Shaw is a selfish DPS Genshin Shockit means he stays on the field for a long time which means he can fully utilize the Relic sets and doesn’t lose his effects quickly by going off the field like many DPS characters other.

Shaw is also one of the characters in the play Genshin Shock The ratio is huge with ATK% due to several factors, such as the massive damage bonus he gets from Elemental Burst, Root of All Evil and his unbelievably high base attack stats (even higher than things like Ganyu Role). After the arrival of Zhu Qian, the best Xiao Jianzhong Genshin Shock is to place two different 2-piece artifacts on him for +18% attack damage, like Gladiator’s End and Shimenawa’s Memories. It has become Xiao’s best combo due to the higher attack damage bonus offered by Cinnabar’s descendant, which Xiao can easily obtain through his Elemental Burst.

While some players may want to use Vermillion Hereafter on other characters, since the ATK bonus is huge, the player has to put in extra effort to get the maximum score that is not worth the reward, in the field. In this case, in Spiral Abyss, the player can take damage trying to get stacks instead of using another set that will coordinate better. For example, when Hu Tao uses an elemental skill, he will consume his own health, but only once, moreover the cooldown is very long, about 15 seconds, so Hu Tao needs a minute to play. The full effect of Chu Hou Thien, and Xiao can do it in a few seconds. The entire stack is obtained within minutes. The player can also force his character to take damage from enemies, but again, the damage increase is usually not worth the extra effort. Some characters (like Hu Tao) aren’t even as good at ATK as Xiao Xiao.

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HoYoverse will likely add more characters in the future who, like Xiao, will be running low on HP as part of their kit. Currently, Xiao is the only character that can bring out the full effect of Zhu Houtian. However, the Lost Valley field is a very suitable field for sharpening artifacts. Genshin Shock If the player needs the 2-piece bonus of any set, since they are the same (like Shenhe with two different ATK Boosters), it’s still a good use if the player wants to plant a Domain Resin in it. Genshin Shock.

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