Why Brie Larson Didn’t Return For The 21 Jump Street Sequel

One of Brie Larson’s breakout roles was in 21 Jump Street, but that’s why she wasn’t cast as Molly in the 2014 sequel.

Here’s Why Brie Larson’s Molly Isn’t Coming Back The movie 21 street jumps next part. The movie 21 street jumps It started in the 1980s as a hugely popular TV series about a group of young policemen operating undercover in schools and colleges. to the present day and then inspired the short-lived spinoff booking personfeatures Richard Grieco in the lead role, which lasted a season.

since the 2000s Charlie’s Angels Since then, there’s been a trend toward reviving old TV shows and adapting them to movies, but few can see what a comedy about the brothers with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum has come to be. The movie 21 street jumps Movie. The latter actor, in particular, was not known for his comedic moves at the time, but the film proved to be a delight. It’s actually surprisingly funny and sweet, and Hill and Tatum prove to be a great comedy duo as undercover cops Schmidt and Janko.

Brie Larson started her career with a Disney Channel movie in the right direction And 13 in progress30But The movie 21 street jumps Will be one of her breakout roles. The future Captain Marvel actress plays Molly, the undercover Schmidt high school student in the film, whom he falls in love with. Larson’s lovable performance makes what could have been a one-sided love affair all the more interesting, and she makes Molly a much more spine-tingling character. Fans want her back 22 . jump linebut it soon became clear that this was not going to happen.

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Brie Larson and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street

As the ending of the previous film made clear, 22 . jump line Watch Schmidt and Janko work undercover at a university, though the movie is mostly about a big joke about the sequel. The next part The movie 21 street jumps Brie Larson continues Community In season 4, in 2013, she revealed that Molly would not be returning after speaking with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The filmmakers later expanded on that decision in a 2014 decision collider interviewer, said that the character’s position in the story could not be found, but that they planned a cameo scene for the character. They shot scenes towards Hill, but the final Brie Larson scene was not filmed because the scene was dropped.

Too bad Brie Larson’s Molly didn’t follow her back The movie 21 street jumpsalthough it does match the sequel’s meta comment about the sequel’s strict adherence to the safe formula. Larson has been very busy since her arrival in the MCU, including a TV series in 2019 goodness and documentary commentary amazing mushrooms.

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