10 Best Reality Recap Shows To Watch About The Bachelor

bachelor The franchise has grown exponentially over the past decade, with spin-offs including single bachelor And Bachelor in Paradise attracts audiences as much as the original show. In each series, each episode seems to bring more drama than the previous one, and at times, it’s hard to keep track of all the romantic turmoil going on.

That statement couldn’t be more true for Section 17 single bachelorSeason 25 starring Katie Thurston bachelorThankfully, there are plenty of flashback shows that offer expert analysis of the ups and downs of each episode, available on sites like YouTube or Facebook, and fans flock to watch them season after season. .

Rose and Rose

organized by tonight’s receptionLauren Zima, Rose and Rose Covers all things Bachelor Nation and can be found on Facebook, YouTube or the Entertainment Tonight website. As the title suggests, Zima often encourages viewers to peruse a glass of fine rosé.

Zima has been repeating bachelor The franchise is more than three years old, and her analysis always combines the witty aspects with the intricate breakdowns (and behind-the-scenes information) related to the ongoing competition.

Satellite TV Riji

YouTuber/comedian Nikki Star posts her own deep dive bachelor Recommended weekly to her channel Satellite TV Rijirepeatedly accused the franchise of being “stupid” with amusing comments.

But also, Satellite TV Nikki She also participated in many other reality TV shows that made fans bachelor If they are interested, they can search for more of her funny videos.

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Bachelor of Fantek

Youtube channel Bachelor of Fantek Started in 2018, it shows a variety of videos including summaries, previews, and contestants’ ratings, or recommendations from previous seasons and has now existed for several seasons.

But also, Bachelor of Fantek Occasionally, post-show live chats are held where fans can actively communicate with the host about what happened on the show that night, adding an element of interaction to the channel. .

no roses, only thorns

Managed by Amelia Wedemeyer ring, no roses, only thorns Weekly reviews of everything bachelorWedemeyer’s engaging commentary provides insights into the top contestants and how they performed on test day.

Also, for more Wedemeyer analysis, fans can find it at ringbelong to bachelor Podcast on Spotify titled Bachelor partycovers other topics not covered in her YouTube videos.


Whitney and Ryann Frink, sisters and mothers, have begun to offer an insight into the inner and outer aspects of women. bachelor The franchise overcomes confusion and confronts the truth with episodes of the show each week.

A big thank you to the sisters for their unfiltered comments, who never painted their thoughts, just said it right, giving their full opinion on the matter. each candidate and their chances with the appropriate Bachelor or Bachelor.

singles tea party

into hollywood Run by reporter Zuri Hall singles tea party Entertainment news program, guests are invited weekly to chat about the troubles of each episode bachelor Programs are airing.

Co-commentators include media personalities and journalists such as Ashley Iaconetti Haibon, Victoria Fuller, Kelley Flanagan, etc., allowing Hall to cover episodes comprehensively and share a variety of perspectives.

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Dave Neal .’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Review

For fans looking for a male perspective bachelorThey just have to look at stand-up comedian Dave Neal Bachelor/Bachelor ReviewNeal provides original analysis found nowhere else.

in spite of bachelor The franchise is quite female-oriented and has a large male fan base as well, and Neil not only represents that demographic but also provides a heterosexual perspective on love and romance with amazing sensitivity.

Dear Shandy,

Sharleen Joynt, season 18 contestant bachelor (starring Juan Pablo Galavis), she is now taking her time to review the current season bachelor And bring something new along the way.

Dear Shandy, Providing the kind of insider information about the series that only a former contestant could, Jowett also regularly invites her husband Andy to add male commentary to her edited analyses.

jar file

like so much dear slum townViall files are archived by the ex bachelor Contestant Nick Vile, star of season 21 bachelor. Viall brings an attractive perspective to men bachelor franchise, his reflections on his experiences are almost always engaging.

Likewise, when Viall invites guests or other former contestants to chat with him or investigate the current season, it allows jar file Investigate further to learn more about the show in a way no other summary can.


Started by a couple of people who call themselves “opportunistic women,” talkative Hosted by Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose, formerly bachelor Season 22. Martinez and Ambrose part ways with the show’s drama, never shying away from any subject, no matter how sensitive.

But also, talkative Known for consistently attracting engaging co-reviewers like slatMikayla Bartholomew or Brother talks a lot‘Greyston Leonard and Evan Ambrose make sure they analyze the show from every angle.

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