Who Is Tim Malcolm’s New Girlfriend On 90 Day Fiancé

Fiance of 90 days Tim Malcolm calls Linda Ramirez his girlfriend, so it’s time to talk about her and Linda’s current situation with Tim.

Tim Malcolm from fiance 90 days Often asked to start dating his ex, Veronica Rodriguez again, but he moved on and now it’s time to talk about one of his loves, Linda Ramirez. In an episode of March 2021 90 days: naked everythingTim, 42, introduces his new girlfriend Linda, 25. Tim first appeared on Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Season 4 features Colombian single mother and model Jeniffer Tarazona. Veronica’s close friendship with Tim got in the way of his relationship with Jeniffer, who eventually broke up with him after he refused to pay for her K-1 visa. Instead, she started dating Jesse Meester.tim became very popular sex storynow act 90 Days: Single Life with Veronica.

in spite of fiance 90 daysLinda Ramirez, Tim proved to be an issue in Veronica’s dating life, as her boyfriend Justin found the lack of boundaries between the two sex show hosts disturbing. Back in October 2021, Tim responded to people who wanted him to reunite with Veronica. He insists that he and Linda are in a happy relationship, even updating his Facebook relationship status to reflect his and her partnership. However, Tim and Linda later broke up, and Tim returned to bed with Veronica in January. They appeared on the show together, but Tim and Linda have yet to get back together.

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90 Day Fiance’s Tim and Linda won’t be together in 2023

Fiance of 90 days Tim Malcolm and Linda Ramirez hug and smile

In an October 2021 chat with fans sent to him and Veronica, Tim said he’s been dating Linda for two years. “Linda is very special to me. She’s been in America for about a year and a half,” he said in March 2021 90 days: naked everything episode. Linda, 17 years younger than Tim, is from Colombia and is of Hispanic descent. She started learning English after immigrating to the US

Linda is okay with the age gap, as she repeatedly says that Tim is very attractive and doesn’t look his age. The couple continues to follow each other on Instagram. However, Tim has now deleted the “Relationship with Linda Ramirez‘ from his Facebook. Meanwhile, Linda posted an erotic video with a woman on her Instagram.

What will the fiancé of 90 days do in 2023?

Longtime fans spotted Linda in a now-deleted November 2020 video on Tim’s YouTube profile in which he reveals that she’s a female gamer with the hashtag # Lucy. The video is nearly 13 minutes long and features a collection of fiance 90 daysTim and Linda’s electronic date with catchy music playing.

It is believed that Linda has passed away and the video was posted by Tim in her memory. So he explained: “Mainly to protect the guy I’m dating..but because of TV..she’s the only one..I hid her forever but I want to acknowledge her..because she helped me a lot.. much.‘ He included that information in his description.

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Tim even posted a teaser photo of Linda on his Instagram 90 days: naked everything Broadcasts, ask fiance 90 days Fans chase her. The post no longer exists on Tim’s site. However, the last photo of Linda on Tim’s Instagram was a March 2022 selfie of her with Veronica and Veronica’s daughter Chloe, as he calls them his,”three girls favoriteLinda’s Instagram has revealed little about her current romantic prospects. So far, there are a few clues that reality TV stars Tim and Linda have broken up but they are more likely to remain good friends.

Source: Tim Malcolm/Facebook, Tim Malcolm/Instagram, Tim Malcolm/Instagram

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