FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo/God mode) 3.5.1

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK Info

V1: Mod menu

  1. unlimited money, ammo
  2. everlasting
  3. a strike


– [ Player Menu ] –

  1. – God Mode
  2. – One hit kill
  3. – Break into the wall
  4. – unlimited ammo
  5. – Unlimited possibilities
  6. – Freeze bots
  7. – speed

– [ Account Menu ] –

  1. – Unlimited Diamonds – [ Fixed At 4,500 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
  2. – Unlimited gold coins – [ Fixed At 10,000 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
  3. – Unlimited joker cards [ Adds 10,000 Every Time You Open A Chest ] [NEW]

– [ More Options ] –

  1. – serial killer [NEW]
  2. – Long range kill [NEW]
  3. – change height [NEW]
  4. – player size [NEW]

– [ Passive ] –

  1. – no ads [NEW]

– [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ] –

  1. begin the game
  2. Activate unlimited diamonds/coins
  3. Then buy things with coins/diamonds
  4. Now you will have 4,500 diamonds, 10,000 coins

If you can buy items with that currency you don’t have to use this method anymore it will be a fixed amount

Discovery is happening too fast and will not be able to upload your save resulting in no connection error [NEW FIND]

– [ If Your Getting Ads When Trying To Start A Game , It Means You’ve Been Banned ] –

V3: Increased consumption of gold coins and diamonds.

Start buying small denominations and the amount will increase as you buy anything. When you have a lot of money, unlock legends for characters or do whatever you like.

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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK is where gunfights take place between your team and other players. Randomly drawn from countries around the world, each team represents its own country. It is also normal for two teams from one country to play in a game. You and your team will fight for the most lives. FRAG Pro Shooter is not a life and death battle, you have endless resurrection rights. But each death creates an advantage for the opposing team. So don’t give them a chance to win. I love how the game allows me to come back to life when close to killing my opponent. Revenge will be easier, I won’t let my killer live.

The battles in the game FRAG Pro Shooter do not last long. You should not rush into the opponent’s battlefield alone. Always follow your teammates and coordinate well with them. Be careful not to let the character fall into the water, you will drown before being hit. FPS gameplay, allowing players to transform into a gunner with a specialized gun. Each character has its own fighting style. When you want to change the character, if you use it, make sure you can attack it well.

Download FRAG MOD APK – Destroy as many opponents as possible

In general, FRAG Pro Shooter is relatively simple from gameplay to upgrading. Moving and aiming are two joystick operations. When the enemy appears, the automatic fire function will be active. The screen supports FRAG Pro Shooter to help control the character without much manipulation. In a battle, you can use 5 characters. FRAG does not target specific objects, every time you die you have the right to revive and choose the remaining 4 characters. At the end of the game, the team that kills the most people is the winner.

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FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Free

More than 70 different characters

Diverse character system, each character has special abilities such as attack and defense. So plan together with your teammates to build the best battle formation possible. Dan, Dr. Frost, Jay B, Jet and Big Paku are gunners to accompany you in the opening battle. Scroll down and you’ll see a list of characters with creative combat abilities. Slime, Freez-B and many other heroes will make an instant impression on any player.

FRAG Pro Shooter mod download

Customize and upgrade your character

Dress like the legends of FRAG Pro Shooter say. There are so many elegant, sexy and young fashion outfits, which one do you choose? In addition, frequent skirmishes help the character’s development become stronger. With each level up, the character reaches a new level. Although there are many stats like health, damage/second, speed, fire rate, respawn delay, weapon range and victory gold perks. But with just one click you can upgrade the whole place.

FRAG Pro Shooter mod android

Create and join clubs

FRAG Pro Shooter divides clubs in your country and around the world. You can join clubs and chat with other players. It’s also an easy place to learn combat experience. Players with 1000 gold can create their own club. But if you want to be number one, you must first have a good fighting force that makes other players jealous. Otherwise, the club you create will be empty, with no balls.

FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk

FRAG Pro Shooter is a cooperative multiplayer battle. You cooperate with teammates and use a variety of weapons to achieve victory. Try your hand at a variety of offensive or defensive roles and see what you can do best. Download the FRAG mod apk without the strongest fighter, choose the right character and fight.

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Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo/God Mode)

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