Who Is Mia Alario From “Southern Hospitality”?

The Bravo Southern Hospitality series begins on November 28, 2022 with 11 members. A spin-off of Southern Charm, the show focuses on Leva Bonaparte and the staff at her nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge. Mia Alario, a hostess at Republic, is one of the employees. But that’s not the only career she’s known for. Mia has two jobs – by day she’s a financial analyst at Biotech, and by night she’s an employee at Charleston’s hottest nightclub.

On Southern Hospitality, Mia insists she doesn’t work two jobs for money. Despite having the highest paying position in the biotech field, she works in the Republic to maintain social relationships with people. Mia frequents nightclubs because of the social environment because her day job forces her to stay in the apartment.

Mia Alario has two degrees in economics.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Mia Alario moved to Charleston when she started college. After earning two economics degrees from Charleston University, she became known as a Southern Belle who worked two jobs. As stated on Mija’s Bravo profile, she works for pleasure, not necessity.

Her biography says:

“Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Mia Alario/Hostess came to Charleston for college and graduated with two degrees in economics. He works at a stuffy financial institution by day and the Republic by night. Mia is outgoing, sociable and always ready for a night out, and is dedicated to her career, but admits that she works for fun more than necessary.”

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People added:

“He has no problem speaking his mind and likes to catch people off guard with his honesty, often misleading the team. Mia’s perseverance and dedication is constantly being tested by her colleagues, and she is always on the verge of losing her esteemed position.”

Mia started working as a financial reporter at Coastal Management Group after graduating in 2019. According to her LinkedIn, she started working at Biotech in July 2020 as a financial analyst. Mia says that her parents are divorced in their private life. In the current episode of Lev Bonaparte’s Southern Hospitality, Mia also revealed that she has an equally deep relationship with her mother Arlene and father Philip. The latter is also covered on the show, while the father-daughter pairing discusses Mia’s love life. Mia tells her father that she is dating a chef named Owen and is eager to see how far their relationship will go.

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When does Southern Hospitality launch on Bravo?

The first season of Southern Hospitality premieres on Bravo every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. Leva Bonaparte, Maddi Reese, Grace Lilly, Mikel Simmons, Joe Bradley, TJ Dinch, Will Kulp, Bradley Carter, Emmy Sharrett and Luca Pea are among the participating faces.

Here is a summary of episode 4 of the upcoming reality TV show:

“When Grace Lilly’s birthday party went wrong, Mikel wondered if he could continue working at Republic; Grace’s excitement brings her back to Levy’s good graces, while Will’s frenetic evening upsets his co-workers.”

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Mia Alario

Southern Hotel Season 1 Episode 4 will premiere on Bravo on Monday, December 19, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET. The next episode will be dramatic as it will show the aftermath of Grace Lilly’s birthday party when Mikel has a big fight with TJ Dinch. Viewers can watch the previous episode on the network’s homepage.

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