10 Most Amazing Friends Nail Art Designs

Friend Probably one of the most popular and popular TV series of all time. It features a central cast of six characters, all of whom differ in personalities and interests, and are easily recognizable even to casual viewers of the show.

As with other shows and movies that have become part of popular culture, fans express their love for the show through everything from tattoos and fan art to Write fan fiction to get inspiration from the movie. Friend Nail art in itself is not a universal practice, but you can still find some fun and interesting designs on social media. Here are 10 particularly impressive designs that are great tributes to the show.

monica baker

This first set of nail art features the character Monica Geller and various symbols associated with her. She has a catchphrase: “I know!” She says it when she shares someone else’s excitement or disdain for something or someone. She is known to have worn a live turkey on her head on Thanksgiving to cheer for her then-partner and future husband following an argument with Chandler. That’s when Chandler and Monica first said “I love you” to each other.

Monica is a chef, that’s why there are chef hats. Her doors feature a signature gold frame around the peephole, serving as a prominent symbol throughout the show in various media.

super easy

This nail art is very simple. It has the same purple color as Monica Geller’s door, and it is combined with the bright orange on the other nails. Then, like many of the people on this list, it features a framed peephole in Monica’s front door. Again, like the others on this list, it has Friend The logo, but this time merged on two fingers instead of spreading across four fingers or tapping on one finger.

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Finally, a lobster is also painted on a fingernail, alluding to the idea of ​​being a lobster or one’s mate, which was discussed in season two about Ross Geller’s affection for Rachel Green.

Lobster Love Part 1

Unlike the others on this list, this nail art focuses on one of the many iconic aspects of nail art. Friend, especially the concept of being someone’s lobster. Phoebe Buffay introduced the idea to Ross in season two, when Ross repeatedly sulks after Rachel because he loves her and wants to “mate” with her for the rest of his life.

This nail design has a picture of a lobster and is accompanied by the “You are my lobster” that Ross once said to Rachel. This phrase is also accompanied by a colorful heart shape.

New York skyline friends logos and more

This nail art is very simple. It is well known Friend The logo on the thumbstick even matches its color scheme. Behind the logo is the New York City skyline. After swiping left (or right clicking), there will be two more images to view, showing more nail designs.

Some of the nails feature some of the most-quoted lines on the show, such as “How are you,” “We’re resting,” and “The smelly cat.” The hands also feature framed peepholes and the Central Perk emblem discussed above. A coffee cup rests on one of the pinkies, another nod to the group’s favorite hangout.

simple frame

As mentioned, one of the show’s defining symbols is the gold frame around the peephole in the door of Monica Geller’s apartment throughout the series. This manicure is simpler than the previous items. Every nail is purple, even the same purple as Monica’s door.

Then paint the framed peephole with just one fingernail. Of all the images on this list, this nail art is most reminiscent of a door, using a solid color for the background with just a yellow framed nail instead of a repeating pattern.

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Central Park

The central privilege is so named because it is Friend. Rachel worked there for a while and all six of her friends hung out there.

This nail art has a black background and is usually accompanied by Friend and the flags associated with it. One of the fingers depicts the Central Perk logo, as seen in the cafe window. The other two fingers depict a coffee cup similar to the one used by Central Perk. For simplicity, the remaining nails are left blank.

mutual friend portrait

Similar to the other nail arts featured here, these nails have Friend and the Central Perk logo. They also have purple doors with framed peepholes, and less commonly stinky cats. It also features Joey Tribbiani’s famous catchphrases “How you doin'” and “We were on a break!” by Rose. Quotes also appear in other nail art, but in different styles. Also popular are lobster and coffee mugs.

This nail art also incorporates the umbrella from the series’ opening title, making it unique. It also uses another famous line, “Pivot”, alongside an image of a couch, alluding to Ross trying to move the couch upstairs to his apartment, then yelling at Chandler to back to take it upstairs.

buffalo phoebe

Similar to Monica Geller’s nail art, this nail art features Phoebe Buffay and icons tied to her from the show and fans. She sometimes uses the pseudonym “Regina Phalange” when she doesn’t want to use her real name in any context. The nail color used for the base is also called Regina Falange, but seems to be spelled differently.

Finally, Phoebe mostly sings songs on the street or on guitar on Central Perk, the most famous of which is “Smelly Cat”. In this manicure, a smelly cat and an acoustic guitar are also painted on the nails.

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precision art

Simple yet extremely detailed artwork. It describes exactly Friend The logo, this time three nails, also accurately depicts the Central Perk logo. These styles are different from the others on this list, they have a more cartoon-like style.

And, perhaps classic at this point, it again features a light purple, almost lilac door with a gold frame around the peephole, marking Monica’s apartment, the other most popular one next door. Central Perk meeting place. This framed peephole looks more cartoonish than the others, but is still just as gorgeous as the other nails and nail art on this list.

Lobster Love Part 2

Finally, to re-emphasize the theme of the lobster concept. This nail design has a simple pink background, a color commonly associated with love and Valentine’s Day, like red, the color of lobster. The lobster is printed on three different nails with incredible detail.

Finally, on the nail of the middle finger, a red heart is drawn around with white lace. In the center is the phrase “You are my lobster”, which once again ties the theme together ffriend Themed nail art.

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