Where to Get Ghiza’s Wheel in Elden Ring

Wheel of Giza is one of many weapons that players can unlock Elden’s ring. From the beginning, players can choose careers according to their strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose to start the game in full samurai attire with armor and swords, while others can start the adventure with nothing. Regardless, from that point on, players will explore the world, find new weapons, and become stronger by defeating enemies and learning their patterns. From swords to bows to magic, there’s a wide variety of weapons that will interest you.

As far as Ghiza’s wheel goes, it is a formidable weapon that can deal a lot of damage in the hands of players with high enough Strength and Dexterity attributes. With an attack stat of 156 and a defense of 58, it’s powerful enough to take down some enemies in just a few hits. At any time, players can invest their runes in Elden’s ring to improve their character stats. The player needs to have a certain Strength attribute to use this weapon, level 28 to be exact. Fortunately, it is only available later in the game, when the player makes his way to the Volcanic Manor.

giza wheel Elden’s ring Located on the second floor of Mount Germere Volcano Estate. Near the entrance will be the ruins of the Grace Volcano estate. From this location go up the stairs to the second floor and the invasion will begin. Once started, only one person is allowed to leave, in this case, hopefully the player. They need to defeat the Inquisitor Ghiza to get his weapon, the Ghiza Wheel.

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Defeat Inquisitor Ghiza in Elden Ring

Fortunately, Inquisitor Ghiza is not like Elden’s ring at this time. Since he uses Ghiza Wheel himself, his attacks will be quite slow but surprisingly powerful. Your best bet is to bait him and attack when he’s open. Just wait until he swings and jumps with his slash for a few hits. When he recovers, step back and repeat the process until they die.

because it is a Elden’s ring The invaders fight and the player is not allowed to run away. Make sure to use any runes before approaching this location. If players are not careful, they can be locked behind barriers and out of reach. Regardless, after hitting enough hits, the Inquisitor Ghiza will collapse and the player will be rewarded with the Ghiza Wheel. Winning will also reward the player with extra runes, so head back to the Land of Grace and make the most of them.

Elden’s ring Now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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