What Is The Happy Scale App & Why Do People Love It?

The Happy Scale app offers cool weight loss and fitness tracking features, and its unique feature set has been loved by users. Compared to other similar fitness apps that keep track of numbers and numbers indifferently, this app takes a more user-friendly approach. Exercise and weight loss is a goal that can have significant health benefits. However, this goal can become a mental health nightmare if it consumes the person.

Previous fitness apps have used predictive technology, with software from Garmin and Fitbit being prime examples. Both companies create algorithms to calculate a person’s fitness level. This can notify users if they should work harder on a certain day or should take a break. However, even with the advent of smart scales and diet apps, the technology has not been widely used for weight monitoring. That is, until Happy Scale.

The Happy Scale app uses the same kind of predictive algorithm to track weight loss. Its process is proprietary, which means it’s unclear exactly what the company uses to analyze weight loss trends. The application collects a variety of data—most importantly, manually entered weights—to estimate the user’s location and their trends. All of this creates a more balanced progress chart than other apps that use traditional charts and graphs to visualize weight changes.

How does it affect mental health?

The app will use little data like regularly updated height and weight measurements, but it’s best suited for additional information. Happy Scale can connect to the iOS Health app to track a variety of stats, including steps and distance. All without using an external tracker. With another tracker, such as the latest Apple Watch, Happy Scale can predict weight loss trends to an impressive degree.

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With nearly 35,000 reviews on the App Store and a rating of 4.9/5, fans of the app are raving about it. This is largely due to its mental health benefits. While the weight trend may level off or level off, that doesn’t mean progress has stalled. Happy Scale’s prediction algorithm allows users to know if their weight is trending down or up. When someone sees weight gain on any given day or week, they may not know that weight gain is a natural fluctuation in weight. Especially in today’s social media culture, it’s easy to get attracted to the numbers on the scale, but with the Happy Scale app, users can gain a better understanding of their weight loss journey. The increased clarity provided by Happy Scale is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental health.

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