Harley Quinn Hijacks Superman’s Most Iconic Cover in New Homage

There’s a lot to look forward to in DCU’s upcoming miniseries Harley Fucks, but this new Superman gag cover really stands out.

new tribute action comics #first Superman vs. Harley Quinn is hilarious. Harley is about”get a little drunk“The DC Universe has a time machine, and this cover proves that she can really wreak havoc in DCU history.

This particular scale variation includes Variety: Harley crashes DCU #3 Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will premiere this May. While the main cover of this issue also featured a photo of Harley”get a little drunk“Classic green car and superhero moment, scale variations include all costumes, including remakes of the original action comics fonts and numbering. On both cover versions, Superman holds the green car over his head, while his contemporary Harley Quinn pokes his head out the window and screams:ha! The joke is on you, Supes! It’s not even my car!The call for full comment is as follows:

Harley Quinn covers Superman’s iconic debut cover

Harley Quinn and Superman Appear in Action Comics Comic Variation 1

Harley tightens the main DCU cover

  • Variety: Harley damages DCU #3
  • Author: Frank Thierry
  • Cover photo of Amanda Conner (AMANDA CONNER)
  • Variant cover of TYLER KIRKHAM
  • $4.99 | 32 pages | 3 of 6 | Variation $5.99 (cardstock)
  • Released 09.05.23
  • Harley Quinn…and OTHER Harley Quinn, well, they have a problem. Somehow, one of the Harley Quinn got off baby Kal-El’s little rocket ship before he left Krypton. She probably also distracted Barry Allen before Lightning struck, and don’t get me started with all the other heroes. So now the damn DC Universe is all screwed up, and the two headquarters must find a way to get Baby Supes back on the rocket before Krypton explodes, get Barry back before the Lightning and stop another Harley first when … Well, you get it. This will be the banana.
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Harley Quinn + time travel = disaster

Harley Quinn ruins the DC universe

This new Harley Quinn-centric series, labeled Diversity University It seems to indicate that the story takes place outside of the central Earth-0 continuum that will allow readers to see Harley embrace her own chaotic nature on a whole new scale. When Harry got a time machine, she logically carried it through DC history. The series, which hits shelves in March, will follow her creating (and fixing) all sorts of messy slapsticks across time and DC classics.

this action comics #first The tribute cover really captures the spirit of this new Harley Quinn miniseries and sees Harley angering Iron Man again after crashing his car. Crisis on Endless Earth #7 cover, in which he holds a fallen Supergirl. These covers aren’t just an homage to DC’s history — if mocking it, they also showcase Harley’s fun, sometimes hostile nature. No one has mocked DC’s publishing history more than Harley Quinn herself, though the entertainment subtly reminds fans of the importance of these moments in the first place.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this upcoming game Harley damaged the DCU miniseries, but this new Superman gag cover was a real hit—and readers can certainly expect more heinous pranks from Harley Quinn in DC’s iconic moments on future covers. .

Check Variety: Harley damages the DCU #3Possibly from DC Comics!

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