What Is Deco Pic On Android & Can You Delete It?

Samsung’s latest update appears to install an app called “Deco Pic”, which many users are reporting as bloatware. So it can be uninstalled?

Samsung’s latest update appears to install an app called “Deco Pic”, which many users are reporting as bloatware. Timely updates have never been Samsung’s strong point, but things have changed over the past few years and the company has been more proactive with its smartphone update schedule. Unfortunately, while most updates bring new features, functions, and bug fixes, the latest update seems to bring a new app that not many people like.

Unwanted apps are a problem for the entire Android ecosystem, not just Samsung devices. That’s why many Android users prefer Google’s Pixel phone because it offers a pure Android experience without being clunky. However, the Deco Pic app in particular is an unnecessary add-on for Samsung. Even more disturbing is the number of permissions it asks for, most of which are not requested by apps in its category.

Deco Pic is Samsung’s in-house video and photo editing app that offers various features, including live stickers, masks, etc. However, many people have complained that the app requires some permissions. that photo editing applications do not have. In fact, the app’s listing page on the Galaxy Store also admits that it requires phone permissions, location access, and microphone permissions, none of which are standard for apps. use photo editing. It also requires storage and camera permissions, which is what video editing apps expect.

Uninstall Deco Pic

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Some features of the Deco Pic app, like stickers and masks, are already available as part of the default camera app on Samsung phones, but the company has now apparently created a separate app that it believe it will help users to access these features more easily. However, not many people are accepting the new app, and in one Reddit thread, many said the change left them confused as to whether malware had somehow managed to get into their devices. or not. Thankfully, it’s not malware in the truest sense of the word, but since it’s an unwanted app for most users, it can certainly be classified as bloatware.

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Many users have posted about the difficulty of uninstalling Deco Pic from their devices. While some claimed they were able to successfully uninstall the app in developer mode, others said they were able to disable the app on their device but were unable to uninstall it. One Redditor claims they can uninstall it using the system app manager on their device, although that’s currently unconfirmed. However, it’s worth a try, so users who want to try it out can visit setting,’ select application,’ Search decorative picture,’ Then tap the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner and select Uninstall updates.’ According to the report, this will uninstall the new update for the Deco Pic app on Samsung devices.

Source: Samsung/Galaxy Store, Reddit

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