Friends: The 15 Most Hilarious Quotes From Ross Geller

even the most difficult Friend Fans have to agree that not all shows are dead. Many of the series’ original jokes won’t hold up today, but we should celebrate acceptance and tolerance of people from all walks of life as a more dominant quality in our culture and our media. We can also enjoy the characters of the show that make us laugh out loud over and over again.

For example, although Ross Geller is brilliant, many of his quotes are so stupid or ridiculous that we can’t help but smile and nod when we hear them again a quarter of a century later. Given that the character was almost written for David Schwimmer, it’s no surprise that the dialogue is so gorgeous.

Updated March 10, 2020 by Richard Keller: Although the original project was written less than a year ago, there are many Friend changed. The show has moved from Netflix to HBOMax and the cast will reunite for an unannounced special. With big events coming up, we thought it would be great to find more quotes from the greatest man on TV. We hope you’re still giggling with the memories.

“Yes, yes, yes… in prison!”

A lot happened in the second season premiere FriendRoss has a new girlfriend, Rachel can’t stand it, and everyone cuts their hair. In the midst of all this action, there’s a little extra episode that leads to one of Roth’s best lines.

When Chandler went to Joey’s tailor to try on clothes, he received something he didn’t expect. The tailor moves his package to measure the seam inside. When Joey passed this information on to his friend, he asked Ross if this was the usual way for tailors to do this. His answer was, “Yes. Yes, yes… in prison!” leading to the best laugh in the entire episode.

“Unagi is a state of full awareness.”

With no connection to Rachel, Ross tends to hang out on the sidelines of other events. This is the case in episode six “With the Eels”. In his unique way, Mr. Geller just wanted to protect his friend. Especially Rachel and Phoebe. In doing so, however, he messed things up.

He begins by saying, “Unagi is a state of full consciousness.” That’s weird, because eels are eels. For the rest of the episode, he tries to demonstrate how his eel-like powers work. However, the girls got the upper hand and ended up scaring him. The whole scene was so scary that it could have been removed Friend and put in office Michael plays Rose.

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“You you you you… you threw my sandwich…”

Season five was weird for Ross. His wife left him, then came back. To prove his trust, he needs to move out of his apartment and never see Rachel again. When he refused, he was homeless. The only thing that gives him hope is Monica’s post-Thanksgiving sandwich.

Unfortunately, the curator of the museum where he worked took it, even though it was noted that it was Roth’s property. cad even throws away most. Instead of keeping his cool, Ross quoted a quote from his sandwich that was getting louder in the West Village.

“Monica and I grew up in the same house, okay. If you don’t eat fast, you don’t eat.”

Yes, fat shaming is no longer something we do today, but it’s still a funny topic Friend. Even in season eight, the characters recall a time when Monica was really the duo. Especially his younger brother.

For some reason, during Rachel’s ultrasound appointment, the topic of eating came up. When Rachel commented that Ross had a short meal, he replied, “Monica and I grew up in the same house. If you don’t eat fast, you won’t.” Although the way Ross said it was funny, we have to wonder how much she ate. It’s not like she’s 600 pounds.

“I almost pulled my ball again.”

Ross is a weird kid. He used to wear women’s clothes, he joined the anti-Rachel club, he played avant-garde music on electronic keyboards. Also, he tends to hide certain body parts.

In the Season 9 episode, where they celebrate Emma’s birthday, Ross’s parents tell a story about how he once pulled a body part. As they kept berating him, Ross claimed that he was very close to performing the show. It was definitely fun at the time. Now, the statement has a scary side.

“I’m Armadillo Holidays!”

holiday friends armadillo

Remember when there was no Santa Claus or other Christmas related costumes around and all that was left was… the armadillo costume? It was absolutely perfect for Ross, who wanted to teach Ben about Hanukkah and decided he needed Santa Claus too, only to discover that he was too young and too late to order the costume (he was expecting it). Wait what?).

So he did what Ross Geller would do, rented whatever outfit they got, and it turned out to be… a holiday tatu. Rose’s nasal voice declares, “I’m Holiday Armadillo!” is a pleasure that will never be forgotten.

“Ah. Humor based on my pain.”

leather pants friend

Although Rose was the smartest of the Friends, he was also the one with the most jokes in nine seasons. Even Joey and his goofy head don’t have the same features as poor Ross. Luckily, Ross is used to his friends’ behavior, and he’s quick to condemn, join, or stop joking around, depending on the situation.

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One of his best quotes about one of these exact situations is a simple “Ah. Humor is based on my pain.” He loves his friends (and sister), even though they love to mock him.

“I tell you, when I die, someone will be very troublesome!”

Ross performs his signature eel salute

honestly. We all fantasize about our own funerals, or at least the reactions of our loved ones to the news of our passing, and it’s a sick little pleasure many of us indulge in. . So when Ross pretends to hold a memorial service for the dead then Chandler tells his classmates he’s been taken away by a spaceship, we can tell where he’s from.

When almost no one showed up at his fake funeral, Ross was insulted and mocked: “I tell you, some people will be very worried when I die!”

“You have no idea how much this hurts!”

Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer as Rachel, Ross, Joey and Baby Emma in 'Friends'

Only someone who is pregnant knows what it feels like to be pregnant, and only someone who has given birth can tell you how intensely you feel during the process. Ross, in pure goofy hilarity, was hit in the head by Rachel when she gave birth to their child.

It was an opportune moment for her to share some of her pain with her partner, but Ross had to quip: “You have no idea how much this hurts.” Man, we’re pretty sure Rachel has been headbutted before and we’re pretty sure You have no idea how painful giving birth can be!

“Let go of my sister!”

At first, Monica and Chandler were unremarkable, and we quickly fell in love with the duo affectionately known as “The Mondlers”. Ross disapproved of the couple when he first saw them make love, and he gave us a brotherly reaction that made us all roll our eyes and giggle. He stared at them through the window and shouted, “Let go of my sister!”

This is funny because it looks like a 12 year old comment, especially when your sister is all grown up and can date whoever she wants. Ross also tells us “I’m fine!” when he finds out that Joey and Rachel are dating.

“I’ll hunt you down and kick your ass!”

It sucks that Rose’s intelligence is mocked, but friends also tend to laugh at the man’s physical prowess and the idea that he’s ever punched someone. He tries to intimidate Chandler with an old example of toxic masculinity, telling Monica’s boyfriend, “If you hurt my sister, if you make her unhappy, I’ll go after you and kick you. into your ass!”

The line itself is quite amusing, especially considering that Monica is much scarier than her brother (and she’s a grown woman who doesn’t need his stupid threats), but the The real fun happens when Chandler’s Reaction, which is a good laugh.

“You and those vegetables are, uh… real, aren’t they?”

Well, even the idea of ​​Ross flirting with Phoebe sounds ridiculous considering their personalities alone, but when Ross actually tries to do it, his flirting skills are so clumsy that it makes us doubted that they would even work on Rachel.

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Quote? That’s pretty cool: “Hey, Pheebs, is that veggie pizza right for you? You and those veggies were, uh…really up to something, right?” Especially looking at his Goofy Legs, it’s annoying to put your feet on the arm of the chair and look so cute. We suspect he looks awkward at any other time.

“I was abandoned during sex!”


Ross has been in such a bad relationship for so many years that we still don’t understand how he’s not only married to Rachel but has so many chic, stylish women falling for him right away. from the beginning. Between his awkward flirting and lack of good partner skills, all of his partners really need years of training to get him fit.

However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some embarrassing stories, which he’s not even ashamed to take to the grave. He openly admits to having a woman break his heart during one of his most intimate moments, saying, “Once, I was dumped during sex! ” It’s a very sad but funny line.

“I’m a terrible father.”

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in 'Friends', David Schwimmer as Ross and Emma Jr.

Who wants their child to be soothed by the sound of Sir Mix-a-Lot? This isn’t the first lullaby that pops into our heads when we picture a soothing baby song, but as most parents know, you can use any effective way.

As a frustrated Ross tries to appease a grumpy Emma with his gift of song, he hums: “My python wants nothing unless you have bread, honey,” before gasping for breath. gruffly gasp. Then he said, “I’m a lousy father.” Honestly, it’s not one of the worst things he’s done as a father, which makes things all the more interesting since Emma doesn’t even remember the lyrics.


Ross moves the couch upstairs and says "Turn" to "Friends"

It’s just one word, but somehow it’s become such a funny line that it’s used in everything from memes to everyday life, especially when Friends fans are on the go. .

While trying to carry the sofa up the stairs, Rose shouted, “Back!” believe it will somehow magically help them get up the stairs and around the stubborn railing. It’s also a silly word to use when moving furniture because it sounds like ordering someone to dance, so it’s no wonder we’re happy to repeat this simple yet funny quote. This.

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