Warzone 2.0 and DMZ contract guide: every contract and reward explained

When War zone First launched as a new player in the battle royale space, it could probably only succeed if it shed the Call of Duty branding. But instead of taking the easy path, War zone it wanted to set itself apart from other games by adding its own set of unique mechanics and features. While some were around from the start, like the Gulag system, others were added and changed over the seasons, like contracts.

contracts return war zone 2.0 introduces new and returning objectives that help you gain an advantage over your opponents, earn money to buy items or revive teammates, and earn additional XP for your troubles. There is also a new set of contracts created specifically for the new DMZ mode that you will need to learn and recognize. Contracts can be great if you know what you’re doing, or they can end up being a curse that destroys your team. Our complete guide to contracts for war zone 2.0 and the DMZ will prevent you from entering into an agreement you don’t understand.

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How contracts work in Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ

contracts in war zone 2.0 and DMZ work identically to the original War zone. You will notice different contract icons on the map to indicate that one is available for download. When you reach said location, you will find a walkie-talkie that you can interact with and activate the associated contract. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be given a breakdown of the objective you need to complete and a time limit for it. Doing so will earn you rewards, which usually include cash, XP, and occasionally some other bonus.

Warzone 2.0 Contracts and Rewards

Characters exit the plane in Warzone 2.0.

Generosity – cross symbol

Bounty Contracts task you with hunting down an enemy player. You’ll get a circle on the map that shows you the general area your target is in, but not its exact location. The person who is your bounty will be asked to hunt, so your knowledge of his location isn’t entirely one-sided, especially since you won’t even know where his gear is.

As long as you and your team manage to take out your target before time runs out, you’ll earn some money and XP. If you don’t, you get nothing. Even if you don’t think you’ll claim a reward, they’re still useful for the information they give you about the enemy’s position.

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Secure Intel – Document Symbol

This contract involves two steps that can put you and your team at risk, as it involves a lot of movement around the map. After picking it up, your first objective will be to find the laptop inside the circle marked on the map. Once you get close enough, the exact location will appear for you to find.

After downloading the data from the laptop, you need to send it to another location marked somewhere on the map. Get there without getting killed and you will find a large computer that you can upload information into. When you do, you’ll be paid in cash and XP, but you’ll also have the location of the next round set on your map. Knowing where the next round will be beforehand is one of the best pieces of information you can get. war zone 2.0. Not only does it allow you to secure a safe location early on, but it also allows you to take out other teams fighting to get into the new round.

Most wanted – crown symbol

Remember the Bounty contract? Well, Most Wanted is basically the opposite of that. Instead of giving you a target to kill for a nice reward, this contract marks whoever picks it up on the map as a target for a nice payout. However, there are two key differences. One is that it’s not just one person or one team that knows where you are, but everyone in the game. The second is that instead of everyone getting a rough area of ​​where you are, your exact location is fixed on the map until you are killed or survive until the contract expires.

We shouldn’t go over the huge risks involved in this contract, so instead we’ll tell you what the light is at the end of the tunnel. Manage to survive this dangerous contract and you’ll not only net yourself some nice cash and XP, but you’ll also instantly revive any dead teammates on your team. This makes this contract not only more valuable, but also more difficult, the more members of your team have already been eliminated.

Safecracker — Safe cracker symbol

This contract is a secure contract (get it?) which is perfect for early pickup war zone 2.0 answer. Once you activate this contract, three lockbox locations will be placed on your map. You have to blow each one up with some C4, which will obviously be quite loud and attention-grabbing, but they’re full of money and loot.

While you don’t have to open all three safes, or even any of them obviously, you get additional cash flow if you open all three before the contract expires. If you find one of these contracts early, you can easily load up on good weapons and money to give yourself a nice early game advantage.

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Champion’s Quest (Nuke)

This contract is the most unique, the rarest, the hardest and the most powerful of all. war zone 2.0. It wasn’t even discovered to be real for a while after release. This is the only contract that has prerequisites before appearing, and what it asks for is not easy.

The first step to get this contract is to win five games war zone 2.0 Alright. That’s right, you have to win five Alright. Make sure to wait until the match is completely over after each win to ensure the next step is triggered.

After entering your next war zone 2.0 after getting five consecutive wins, you will automatically have a spot for the Champion’s Quest contract on your map in any of the three zones. Once he gets the contract, his first objective will be to find the three elements to assemble the nuclear bomb. As expected, all three are placed on your map for you to find. The twist is that each item you collect will give you a different status effect.

  • Beryllium Core will mark you as doing the Most Wanted bounty.
  • A plutonium core will cause damage over time.
  • Titanium will mess up your radar and your map.

If your team manages to collect all three items, the next thing you need to do is survive with them until the location of the bomb is revealed to you. We still have no idea how long this will last, but it will eventually be placed on your map. Head there and place all the components on the bomb and then activate it.

Eventually, a two-minute timer will start until the nuke detonates. However, other teams can use this time to disarm the bomb if they get the chance, so you’ll have to protect the nuke at all costs. If no one manages to defuse it in time, the nuke goes off, the game ends and you are declared the winner.

DMZ Contracts and Awards

A stronghold in Warzone 2.0.

Cargo delivery or shipping — briefcase symbol

This is a simple contract. You will be in charge of transporting the car or boat to the desired place. Nothing fancy, but it pays well.

Destroy Supplies: Bomb Symbol

This contract actually says it all in the name. You will have two locations where you need to enter and place explosives to destroy the marked supplies. This is quite similar to the contract with Safecracker war zone 2.0, but a bit easier because you don’t have to wait after placing the bomb as the loot won’t come out. You will be paid at the end no matter where you are.

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Delete the HVT — cross symbol

This contract has the same symbol as the Bounty contract and is functionally the same, except that you hunt an AI soldier instead of another player. You can expect the other AI to protect them well in a building or other structure. A team with decent weapons shouldn’t be hard to fight.

Geiger Search – Nuclear Symbol

This contract grants you a Geiger counter to use to find nearby nuclear materials. As you get closer to the materials, the number on the counter will increase. Once you find and collect both, take them out for some extra cash.

Hostage Rescue: Fox Symbol

This contract almost turns your DMZ match into a mini-objective match of a game like Rainbow Six Siege. You will be tasked with infiltrating the area, killing the guarding AI and the hostage, and leading them to the extraction zone to claim the bounty.

Hunting squad – skull symbol

While Eliminate HTV shares the Bounty symbol, the Hunt Squad’s contract actually reflects it. This will give you the approximate location of an enemy squad instead of just one player, but otherwise it works exactly like the Bounty contract.

Secure Intel – Document Symbol

It shares the name and symbol with war zone 2.0 contract, so you know what to expect. Go to the locations, grab the data and bring it to the final location for transfer. The only twist is that since it’s a DMZ, the final location you need to go to is guarded by AI soldiers that you’ll have to fight.

Raid Weapon Cache: Flag Symbol

This is the bounty you want if you’re trying to get good weapons in the DMZ, and it’s rare in that you get more than just money for completing it, though it’s not without risk. Like most contracts in the DMZ, the weapons depot you’ll be targeting will have to deal with AI resistance. Clean them up, get your money and weapons to carry you through the match.

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