Van Jones Criticized For Apologizing For Black Community’s “Silence” On Kanye

Van Jones, a news and political journalist, apologized on behalf of the black community for their “silence” in response to recent comments by musician Kanye West. He apologized during an event for the United Jewish Appeals Federation in New York. Members of the black community reacted angrily to the apology, claiming that Jones was not their “speaker” and actively condemning Ye’s bigotry. Isa Watson, a technology entrepreneur and writer expressed her views on Twitter.

She stated:

“Van didn’t know what he was talking about and he was not representative of the black community. Many of us spoke out against anti-Semitism, and many of us openly protested against it. To what Kanye said. To throw us under the bus when it was opportunistically useful to him was a travesty.”

Netizens are outraged by Van Jones’ apology on behalf of the black community.

Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones apologizes on behalf of the African-American community for its “silence” following rapper Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments during a keynote speech at the United Jewish Appeals Federation. best in New York. In recent weeks, Ye has expressed his views in an interview with Alex Jones, claiming that he idolizes Hitler and admires the Nazis. This follows a series of anti-Semitic tweets, including one in which he expressed his desire to do “Death Son 3 for the Jews”.

Van Jones’ apology was not warmly received by many who felt that his statements were not sincere and he put his community “under the bus” by suggesting that they keep silent on this matter. Many people spoke out against Kanye’s claims and expressed support for the Jews. Several Jewish individuals also rushed to Twitter to confirm that the black community was behind them long before Ye made the 2022 statement.

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Van Jones has apologized to the Jewish community for the black “silence” of Kanye West’s comments.

No one in the Jewish community apologized to blacks for the Jewish silence on the systematic killing and oppression of blacks.

– Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) December 7, 2022

While I would never call myself a spokesperson for black people, I prefer to consider myself a spokesperson for black people who don’t see Van Jones as a spokesperson for black people.

– Michael Harriot (@michaelharriot) December 8, 2022

You can learn more about Van Jones’ speech here.

As for artist Kanye West, Anthony Kapel Jones spoke to the United Jewish Complaints Federation of New York and apologized to the Jewish community for claiming that the rest of the black community had quietly stood inside. when hatred was spewed against them.

He said in his speech:

“I apologize for the silence of the community to allow an African-American icon to praise Hitler and the Nazis, and we act as if we don’t know where that hatred is coming from.”

Van Jones

“It was a boring ending,” he said at the end of the previous sentence. Van Jones added that as long as communities turn their backs on each other, the feeling of “terrible” will continue, so we need to come together to feel “great and achieve great things”. .” He also spoke of the bond that existed between the Jewish and black communities, a sentiment that has helped democracy in the country.

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