Chelsie Ravenell- All About The Southern Charm Star Chleb Ravenell’s Cousin

The latest episode of Bravo’s Southern Charm Season 8 aired on Thursday, July 14, 2022. Following the breakup of Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell in the previous episode, the new cast member was seen crying with his cousin Chelsie Ravenell.

Chelsie made her Southern Charm debut, appearing in a 10-minute segment in episode 4 of Season 8. Chleb was seen relying on Chelsie for comfort following his breakup with Kathryn. He was overheard telling his cousin that he couldn’t stop thinking about her and that he loved her. Chelsie appeared to grasp what Chleb was going through as he explained his sentiments. After Chleb finished explaining, his cousin asked the reality TV star an important question.

Chelsie inquired:

“Is it worthwhile?”

Chleb responded by saying he was attempting to find out the same thing.

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Meet Charleston couture designer Chelsie Ravenell from Southern Charm.

Chelsie Andrew Ravenell starred as Chleb’s cousin in Southern Charm episode 4 of Season 8. Despite his brief appearance on the show, viewers appeared to adore the Charleston native. Chelsie is a well-known fashion designer in the South Carolina city of Columbia. According to Chelsie’s official website, his brand, Kenneth Beatrice (KB), has been featured at Charleston Fashion Week, where he was called “one of the Emerging Designers to look out for.”

After his uncle Kenneth and grandma Beatrice died, he developed an interest in fashion design. Chelsie was inspired to learn to sew since they owned a sewing machine. He was a model for many years before becoming a fashion designer, where he learned about fashion. He formerly worked in Los Angeles but has now relocated to Charleston.

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He is well-known for his menswear designs, which he often displays on his Instagram account. According to his social media feeds, he is the father of three children: one boy and two girls. He also has a strong relationship with Chleb and his mother. Only time will tell whether Bravo will continue to include him on Southern Charm since fans were pleased with his participation in episode 4.

Season 8 Episode 4 of Southern Charm

Chleb discussed his breakup with Chelsie in episode 4 of Season 8, while Kathryn Dennis opened up to Olivia Flowers. Kathryn also discussed her divorce during Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen’s shared birthday celebration. The most recent episode was named It’s My Party, and I’ll Fight If I Want to, and the official summary was as follows:

“Austen becomes distraught after learning that his parents are selling his childhood home. In the aftermath of his separation from Kathryn, Chleb seeks comfort from his cousin. Taylor expresses her doubts about their future, and Shep’s history comes back to haunt him. Madison and Venita organize a shared birthday celebration, but when Madison takes control of the guest list, Venita’s emotions boil out.”

Chelsie Ravenell

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green also discussed their future in the program. Taylor wasn’t sure whether Shep would want to be involved if she became pregnant. Shep, on the other hand, suggested that they would consider it if anything similar occurred. The fourth episode of Southern Charm Season 8 ended on a cliffhanger. It showed the women eating lunch at Venita and Madison’s party when the former got into a fight with Kathryn. Will things become worse? Next week, watch Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 5 on Bravo at 9.00 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

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