The Sopranos: The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Cast

Sopranos is a great compilation drama that includes an amazing cast that has never been seen on television. Each was perfectly chosen and brilliantly acted, each character becoming iconic in their own right.

The film is about a mafia family who especially like to command those around them and resort to physical violence, so that means many of the actors throughout the film are all very tall, well proportioned, and stately. Having said that, some surprising characters – including male characters from mafia families – are actually quite short. But who is the tallest and who is the shortest? The answer may be surprising.

Highest: James Gandolfini – 6’0”-6’1”

in heart Sopranos It was Tony Soprano, played with absolute perfection by James Gandolfini. Gandolfini was certainly a great man, but perhaps not as great as people think.

Tony has always looked tall and imposing next to his henchmen, but only because most of the actors playing his henchmen are around 5’7″-5’9″ tall (including Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt) and Tony Sirico). According to, Gandolfini is just under 6 feet-1 tall and has an estimated height of 6 feet-3/4 inches.

Shortest: Edie Falco – 5’5”

James Gandolfini as Tony and Edie Falco as Carmela in Chasing It

Playing Carmela, Tony’s wife, is Idi Falco, who works alongside James Gandolfini in the acting department. She also proudly stands next to Tony when he throws a tantrum (like the pool house scene where he almost throws a punch), even though she’s much smaller.

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Edie Falco is estimated to be 5ft 5in – the average height for a woman, but one of the shortest ever found in the world Sopranos.

Highest: Vincent Pastore – 5’10”

Big pussy gets hit

Vincent Pastore plays Salvatore Bonpensiero, commonly known as the big cat. Salvatore’s nickname is “Pussy” because he is a cat thief and “Big” because he is a big man. Despite being similar in stature to James Gandolfini/Tony Soprano, he is slightly shorter with an estimate of 5’10”.

This is most evident in the scene where Big Pussy gets beaten up by Paulie, Silvio, and Tony. He is considerably taller than both Silvio and Paulie, but is considerably shorter than Tony.

Shortest: Jamie Lynn Siegler – 5’3”

It appears that Meadow Soprano has inherited her mother’s genes, as she is much shorter than both Carmela and Tony. Some of the women in “The Sopranos” are tall, including Lorraine Bracco, 5 feet 7 inches tall.

However, Jamie Lynn Siegler is probably the shortest of the main cast at just 5 feet 3 inches. She claims to be 5’6″ but while many in the comments consider her short (especially when compared to other short actors), the site’s “average prediction” puts her is 5’2.95″.

Tallest: Nancy Marchand – 5’10”

Livia Soprano wears pink in The Sopranos

While Lorraine Bracco is 1.50m tall, that’s nothing compared to Nancy Marchand. Marchand did not appear on the show for a long time when she died of lung cancer in 2000.

But she made an impression during that time playing Tony’s tough mother, Livia. If Livia always looks tall next to Tony, it’s because Nancy Marchant herself is tall. Viewers will notice a slight difference in height between her and Big Pussy, as Marchand is estimated to be 5’10”.

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Shortest: Aida Turturro – 5’4”

Tony teases Janice after she told him she was seeing a therapist on The Sopranos

Playing the role of Janice, Tony’s older sister is Ida Turturro – cousin of famous actor John Turturro. Turturro is one of the movie’s best actors, as many fans couldn’t bear to see Janice Soprano and see her as one of the meanest characters in a movie full of characters. bad-tempered.

She is also one of the shortest. Unlike her brother and mother, Janice is short, with Ida Turturro estimated to be only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Tallest: Steve Schirripa – 6’1”

Bobby's family hangs out with Tony and Carmela

The Sopranos Home Movie is one of the most popular movies Sopranos, which featured one of the show’s greatest scenes. After Tony insulted Janice, Bobby hit Tony, a blow to Tony’s self-esteem and masculinity.

It also makes sense that Bobby could go up against Tony, as Steve Schirripa is roughly the size of James Gandolfini – maybe even a bit taller. Gandolfini’s estimated height is 6’3/4″, while Schirripa’s height of 6’1″ is unbeatable.

Shortest: Robert Ayler – 5’5”

AJ Soprano meets friends to plan a night out at The Soprano in front of a Coca-Cola machine.

It seems the dwarf gene runs in the soprano family, as AJ is also low. Although most men are Sopranos AJ Soprano/Robert Iler is not very tall (at least for the average male height) and is the shortest male in the cast with an estimated height of 5’5″.

Some reviews take issue with this measurement, with some commenters suggesting he might be closer to 5’6″ or 5’7″.

Highest: Federico Castelloccio – 6’1”

Furio from The Sopranos

If anyone can match James Gandolfini and Steve Schripa, it’s Federico Castruccio. Castelloccio plays Furio, one of Sopranos’ executioners and Carmela Soprano’s last love. It also makes sense for Furio to be hired as an executor, since Castelluccio is a very tall and well-proportioned person.

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According to Castelluccio’s bio, he is 6 feet-1 tall (which makes him lightly taller than Tony) and 190 lbs. In the scene he shares with Tony, his height is obvious, as the two are roughly the same height.

Shortest: Drea De Matteo – 5’6”

Chris and Adriana

Drea De Matteo always seems taller than she really is because she wears chunky heels and stands next to Michael Imperioli, who is said to be just 5ft 8in tall. When not wearing heels (like in her and Chris’ apartment), Adriana is a bit shorter than Christopher because Drea DeMatteo is 5’6″.

This is the height that Playboy gave her in 1999 – the same year Sopranos debut. It’s a steady height, making her a bit shorter than most of the men found on the show, most of whom average around 5’7”-5’9 ”.

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