“The Parent Test” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On ABC

The first part of the Parent Test will begin on Thursday, December 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET. The hour-long special, titled Which Way Is Right?, will be available on the Hulu and ABC websites a day after it airs on television. The new series will have parenting expert Dr Adolph Brown and host Ali Wentworth visit the homes of 12 different parents, from helicopter parenting to successful parenting . With various arguments and disagreements, parents will discover single parenting methods that are appropriate for this day and age.

Furthermore, Dr. Brown and Wentworth will perform a number of tasks with children to draw specific conclusions and make recommendations for parents. The description of the Parental Quiz series contains:

“In the ultimate stress test of parenting, twelve families are scrutinized. The search for today’s most successful parenting techniques begins with hot topics. and emotional obstacles, and ends with shared learning.”

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What can we expect from the premiere of The Parent Test’s first season?

In the first episode of the Parent Test series, 12 parents eager to raise happy and healthy kids join in and take them through the Sky Diving Challenge and the Yes Day Challenge. In the first case, children will be encouraged to take risks by jumping from the board into the pool, where they can be pressured by other children. The job will be difficult for children and as the promotional video shows, one young man even refuses to dance. Some children overcame their anxiety and declared victory, much to their parents’ surprise.

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The Yes Day challenge requires parents to respond to all their children’s requests 24 hours a day. The ad shows a couple of parents becoming anxious when their children eat cake for breakfast, while the other couple’s children make a mess of the bed by eating on it.

In addition, in the program, parents will discover their own parenting experiences after growing up in a “difficult” family. One woman in the ad said she wished she had a father like the other to take part in the experiment.

More information about the original test

Dr. Adolph Brown is a renowned clinical psychologist with 30 years of therapeutic practice. He will be the parenting expert of the series, having constructive dialogues based on criticism with various parents regarding their children. According to Dr Brown, the show is modeled on the Australian Parent’s Guide series and will cover everything that hasn’t been covered in the previous episode. He also said:

“Based on all the parenting methods presented, any parent watching will find that effective parenting is really hard. People don’t discuss it. It’s something we all choose to do and want to be better at.”

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The experiment’s parents represent different parenting approaches and will engage in discussions about sensitive topics such as spanking. Parents will work with Dr. Brown and Wentworth to come up with a new approach to parenting.

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