Renault’s Sport RS 01 Interceptr uses Nissan GT-R power to hunt for baddies

We’ve all seen the ridiculous cars that Dubai’s police fleet has on its roster: Bugatti Veyrons, Lamborghini Aventadors, Audi R8s, BMW i8s, the list goes on.

Of course, some of these cars are commissioned purely for publicity, but when many Dubai residents are affluent enough to buy supercars, Dubai’s authorities need weapons that can keep pace with their citizens.

The story is a bit different in France, where the average car uses a 1.0- to 2.0-liter diesel engine to make somewhere in the 100 horsepower range. Still, Renault decided to turn its Sport RS 01 race car into a police interceptor … just for fun.

Renault Sport R.S. 01 INTERCEPTOR: a new rapid intervention force

Decked out in black and white livery, neon yellow stripes, strobe lights, and an LED sign to motion drivers to the side of the road, the RS 01 is a force to be reckoned with. The interceptor isn’t all bark either, as under its hood is Nissan’s GT-R powertrain, a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 cranking out 500-plus horsepower. The engine is bolted to a carbon-fiber chassis while the RS 01’s body is so laden with aerodynamics that its downforce would keep the car stuck to the roof of a tunnel with enough speed.

Renault also released a video of the RS 01 Interceptor doing its thing in the hands of pro driver Jean Ragnotti, former Monte Carlo and Corsica rally champion. Renault’s race car was actually detuned to compete against GT3 challengers because it was just too quick.

While certainly menacing to speed-prone drivers and riders, there are no plans to actually introduce the RS 01 Interceptor to the French police fleet. Instead, authorities will have to suffer on with their Renault Meganes and Peugeots.

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This is obviously a call for French residents to pool their earnings and buy more supercars, so the rest of the world can enjoy videos of the Sport RS 01 chasing down Koenigseggs, McLarens, and Ferraris. Do it for the good of the planet, chaps.

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