The 10 Best Pixar Short Characters, Ranked

If Pixar hadn’t built a reputation for their technology and the short films they used to make, they wouldn’t be the studios they are today.forward Toy Story Even before their formation, the studio made imaginative mini-movies to help them develop their storytelling skills.

they may not be like Toy StoryBuzz and Woody may, but the Pixar short has a cast of characters as recognizable and lovable as the characters in their feature films. Although appearing on the big screen for a short time, many of these characters have left an indelible impression in the hearts of many viewers.

Luxo Jr.

There’s no better place to start than with one of Pixar’s first projects. Before their feisty mascot jumps up and down the I, he makes his debut in this short vignette featuring a ball and a surprisingly moody pair of table lamps.

It’s Pixar in its simplest form, with no lines and a very rudimentary setting, basically a kid playing with a ball. While that probably wouldn’t win many awards by today’s standards, it was a project that helped put Pixar on the map and introduced them to the world of animation.

Tinny Tinny Toys

Tinny the Tin Toy smiles looking at something off the screen

Before the huge success, Pixar had their own toy story about a fun toy with a power cord that escaped a giant baby. Tinny’s first outing doesn’t really have much of a plot, but his expressions and lifelike designs make him memorable, even though his name may not be.

While animation is certainly still in the studio’s rough stages, it’s easy to see how the later project will affect the adventures of many other iconic characters.

Jerry (Jerry’s Game)

Gray wins a game of chess with himself

An old man alone in the park playing chess with himself might seem like one of the most boring scenes in any series, but the series won an Academy Award for its innovative presentation. and the main character is an eccentric elder. Using a chessboard and a pair of glasses, Jerry created two characters who fight with wits and courage on a clear autumn day.

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This short is a true testament to the creative team at Pixar, showing how a simple idea can grow with comedic possibilities. Of course, Geri’s expression, wit and personality will certainly help a lot in the short film.

bird (for birds)

Birds sitting on a rope, from For The Birds

Simply known as “The Birds,” the feisty chickens and their odd-looking jocks are basically the backbone of the entire short game. Although they can only communicate by a series of hisses, whistles, and screams, it is their excessive silliness that has earned them a spot on the list.

The short is essentially a humorous variation on “Working for Others,” when a flock of territorial birds is forced to learn to share their ropes with strange new visitors. To say feathers fly in this little movie is an overstatement.

Bass and treble (Solo band)

Bass and treble in the Pixar animated short One Man Band.

at Pixar one man band In short, Bass and Trebel are two musicians with personalities worthy of their names. With its massive frame and refined brass, Bass provided the perfect shield for his opponents. Treble, as its name suggests, is quite the opposite. He’s a skinny, clown-like character with high-pitched stringed instruments.

The short relies on music and visuals to tell the story, and these two characters exemplify that maxim. It’s a delightful mix of taste and design, creating an entertaining spectacle worthy of the Pixar name.

Billiards (Swimming Pool)

Purl from Pixar holding her supply box

Purl is the main female character in the short film of the same name by Pixar Spark. Purl is a tiny ball of wool trying to make a name for itself in the corporate world, but in a business filled with playboy tycoons, one can learn to fit in or thrive.

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purl is a short film about Pixar’s sudden coming of age, and not just because it has one or two obscene jokes. It reflects how being new and dealing with new people can be a culture shock in today’s modern workplace. However, it also shows that there are ways to adapt and overcome with surprising results.

Presto and Alec (Presto)

Magician Presto hugs his partner Alec

Quickly Easily one of the funniest short films Pixar has ever made. Magician Presto and his partner Alec Azam are performing in front of a large audience at the Opera House, but when Presto forgets to feed his furry assistant before the show, his haste leads to an accident. backstage with his bunny. A dramatic brawl.

Totally hysterical, this short is a triumph of the comedy genre with its brilliant and brutal antics cartoon looney Bugs Bunny is running for his money. But, like most Pixar short films, it ends on a happy note—even if the magician gets a little hurt when the curtain falls.

everything (blue umbrella)

Romantic rain scene in Pixar's Blue Umbrella

blue umbrella is a unique love story told with unique visuals. While the two umbrellas are definitely the focal point of the short, it’s hard to pick them as the film’s best characters. Instead, everything in this movie should be treated as a character.

The short film is aided by a phenomenon called “pareidolia”, that is, the ability to find faces or images in objects. Everything in this short film has some sort of face or personality that gives life to the world they inhabit. If nothing else, fans should just see the image.

Uku and Lele (Lava)

Uku volcano sings his song from Pixar Lava

Some fans might think that Carl and Ellie are from upward become Pixar’s greatest love story, but the title could also be used for a pair of volcanoes in love in a Pixar movie lava. If the image of the tropical island doesn’t appeal to anime fans, the heartwarming, heartfelt song Uku to his lady love certainly does.

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A common movie joke is to turn the setting or landscape into character, but this short film takes that idea literally, as a pair of islands take on a life of their own, telling a short love story. but beautiful. Honestly, it’s hard not to fall into “lava” with this one.

Snowman (Knick Knack)

snowman from knick knack with a jackhammer

When people hear the phrase “Pixar short”, it’s a good opportunity shovel It was the one they thought of. It could be because of the pleasant animation or catchy music, but it’s more likely because the snowman is trapped in the snowball trying to reach the glamorous swimmer on the other side of the shelf. Despite his series of Sisyphean trials, it’s a sweet, short comedy about flaws.

It’s a simple and effective example, like many of the original Pixar docuseries, but one that has stood the test of time. While other films and short films come and go, shovel Still a hit, fans continue to watch, stream, and enjoy it.

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