Elden Ring: Where To Find The Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear

Crystal of Wisdom Tear Elden’s ring Can be mixed in a Magic Potion to increase the player’s Intelligence by 10 for 3 minutes. This item can be purchased very early and is a good temporary summoner for the player. While a better Crystal Tear is supposed to appear later in the game, the Wisdom Button can be used to supplement the player’s lack of High Intelligence at the start of the game. Elden’s ring.

While the item itself is quite effective, it can be mixed with other powerful ingredients in magic potions, such as the Rift of Mana Shield. Ruptured Tears will increase all magic attacks by 20% and 15% in PvP encounters. There are also options to restore FP or temporarily increase stamina recovery. Since the Magic Vase is spawned by sitting on Grace, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these summoner spells as often as possible.

The main use of Crystal Tears of Intellect is to increase the player’s damage against difficult enemies. However, Tarnished can also take advantage of the additional 10 attribute points in other ways. Players who do not meet the intelligence requirements to use powerful weapons such as Elden’s ringof Fallingstar Beast Jaw, can simply consume their Flask of Wondersick. While not ideal, the Crystal Tears of Wisdom can be used as a temporary measure until more ranks are achieved. Here’s how players can find this item early in the game.

Clever crystal teardrop location in Elden Ring

Unlike some of the other Crystal Tears that were shed after defeating Avatar Erdtree, the Clever Knot resides in an open bowl. The project is located in the southwest below the cliff leading to the Caria estate. Players can reach Crystal Tears in two ways. The closest is the road leading to the ruins of Grace Manor, at Elden’s ringRuins of Wangyu. Tarnished needs to use the second stage of Torrent to jump off cliffs, taking damage in the process. A safer route is to start at the Land of Grace on Wizard Isle near Testu Heights, then head northwest. Crystaltear of Wisdom will be surrounded by several small spider hands and a hidden spider hand. Fight enemies or quickly pick up items on torrents.

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Elden’s ring There are many options for fans to change their gameplay. Flask of Wonders Physick’s versatility is just one of the tools the game offers. New players as well as veterans should look for the Smart Button Crystal Tears for an extra 10 Intelligence points.

Elden’s ring Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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