Steve Sostak Passed Away At The Age Of 49

Steve Sostak, a famous saxophonist and singer, has just died at the age of 49 and the cause of death is still unknown. Shostak’s longtime acquaintance, Faye Kolly, paid tribute to him on Facebook in a lengthy message, saying:

“I was thinking about how to honor the memory of a long lost friend. We hadn’t talked since college, but upon learning of his death and witnessing it. The great pain and memories of my friends and friends of friends have created a resonance.”

Kolly described Sostak as a “bright light” to those who knew and loved him. Kolly describes Šostak as someone who is passionate about music and bands. He’s an eager member of the Amnesty International campus letter-writing campaign they’re planning. When they talked about “Too Bad About Ray,” Kolly insisted it was one of her favorite college memories. She went on to say:

“Even though I didn’t like the song, the irony and good nature of the performance still impressed me when I heard it. He succeeded in the midst of a sea of ​​change in college and in life. . He’s always been true to himself.”

Kolly asked people to contact people who had been in contact with Steve Sostak for a long time. Kolly went on to explain that people will miss him dearly and that his life has a purpose. The notice is concluded with:

“My sincere condolences to my Facebook friends who may be reading this and mourning his passing. But you don’t have to know him to miss him. Call your contacts and connect with the people that matter to you.”

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Twitter users pay tribute

Over the years, Steve Sostak has built a reputation as an outstanding performer. As news of his death spread, Twitter was flooded with tributes:

I was deeply saddened to hear of the death @inspirecitizen1 Steve Shostak. I met him for the first time in 2019 #SDGs summit in #Shenzhen. I interviewed him that weekend. He has inspired me and many others to make an impact on the world. – Life is too short.

— Kevin O’Shea 🇨🇦 🇯🇵 #EnvironmentalEducation (@MadForMaple) February 7, 2023

Steve Sostak has long been an integral part of the Chicago band and has always been a bright spot. Good band, good guy. He plays pickup baseball and on the CMBA Red Sox with a bunch of other musicians, he’s always been good at it too. Requiescat. 🎈

— albino steve (@electricalWSOP) February 7, 2023

Steve Sostak lived in Beijing until his death.

Steve Sostak co-founded Inspire Citizens, an organization dedicated to empowering teachers and students to take meaningful action. He enrolled at the University of Notre Dame and began performing in Check Engine alongside Chris Daly.

Steve Shostak

Sweep The Leg Johnny appeared when the pair moved to Chicago and met a few others, including Scott Ana and Matt Alice. The band recorded several albums before disbanding and forming another band, ZZZZ. ZZZZ’s debut album, Palm Reader, was released in 2005 and the band has played at various events. Over the next few years, Šostak switched his career to teaching. He has partnered with Inspire Citizens to spark interest among instructors and students in the community and solve problems by building media and initiatives with global impact.

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