Skyrim: 10 Best Wives To Marry

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim can get quite chilly as players traverse through its snowy mountains and windy plains, but the game’s best wives can warm the hearts of players nonetheless. With thirty female characters being single and ready to mingle, regardless of the Dragonborn’s gender or race, there are plenty of options for anyone to explore. However, ten in particular stand out as the best wives in Skyrim, as they’re sure to capture the player’s heart through their unique personalities or backstories.

Unfortunately, the RPG’s age becomes quite apparent when examining the romance system, as by modern standards, it’s rather lackluster. Oftentimes, spouses can feel like mere sources of food or income, rather than meaningful companions to the Dragonborn. Counterintuitively, Elder Scrolls 6 can fix marriage with divorce, but such a measure would hardly be necessary with the best wives in Skyrim, who make the lifelong commitment worthwhile.

10 Jenassa

Being a cold-blooded mercenary who spends her time murdering folk or drinking at the Drunken Huntsman, Jenassa is not for the faint of heart. This dark elf makes it quite clear that killing is her passion, pridefully referring to death as a form of art – but those who are willing to put her violent tendencies aside will be met with one of the best wives in Skyrim.

Jenassa is one of the few marriage candidates who doubles as an active follower, and because of her thirst for blood, she’s part of an even smaller group of NPCs who don’t become offended at the Dragonborn’s crimes. Her loyalty is truly unmatched, which would make her an ideal protector of any children the player adopts in Skyrim.

9 Ysolda

Ysolda standing in Whiterun, looking off to the side on a sunny day in Skryim.

Those who value Jenassa’s attitude but are looking for someone a bit less unhinged may be fans of Ysolda, the thrifty merchant found in Whiterun. Through her dreams of owning the best trading cart in all of Skyrim and her willingness to trade with Khajiit despite their infamous reputation, she proves to be hardworking, reasonable, and overall respectable as a character.

Her aptitude for business would likely ensure that there’s always food on the table, even when the Dragonborn is off adventuring for days at a time. So long as players are accepting of the secret Skooma trades she dabbles in on the side, she’s one of the best wives they could hope for in all of Skyrim.

8 Lydia

A face portrait of Lydia from Skyrim, looking wistfully away from the camera.

Although she’s the first Thane, follower, and companion that most players will unlock, Lydia’s undying loyalty can transcend death in Skyrim, making her one of the game’s most reliable characters. But because she’s always available to carry their burdens, it can be easy to accidentally overlook her as a potential romance option.

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In reality, Lydia is incredibly caring, brave, and one of the few wives in Skyrim that’s willing to risk her life on a whim for her partner. Not only is she devoted to their wellbeing at all costs, but she is also one of the few candidates with unique dialogue options, which proves just how one-of-a-kind she is.

7 Senna

Skyrim dialogue with Senna where the player is selecting

Being an agent of Dibella, Senna is a priestess for the goddess of beauty and love, which makes her an easy pick for one of the game’s best wives. After all, she spends her time studying and celebrating the art of romance, which makes it safe to say that she’s likely one of the most passionate and caring lovers in Skyrim‘s divisive and political land.

Senna can get married to the player after they complete the “The Heart of Dibella” quest, in which her spiritual, calming personality comes to light. Undoubtedly, her soothing nature would be invaluable to the Dragonborn after a long, stressful night of killing bandits and draugr.

6 Camilla

An image of Camilla Valerius looking back at the camera while standing outside of Riverwood in Skyrim.

It’s no secret that Camilla Valerius, the co-owner of the Riverwood Trader, has two men adamantly after her heart. But while players can certainly help Faendal or Sven woo the Nord woman, they have a secret (and hilarious) third option of shattering both men’s dreams and stealing her away for themselves.

Since the Riverwood Trader is a booming business, they’ll get to enjoy a daily profit of 100 gold, but they’ll also get to know more about Camilla’s dreams to travel the world and become an adventurer, just like the Dovahkiin in Skyrim.

5 Mjoll

A close up of Mjoll the Lioness with face paint in Skyirm.

Mjoll The Lioness is one of the most admirable characters and best quest reward followers in Skyrim, but she’s also a perfect marriage partner that players would be mistaken to ignore. After all, even though she resides in the infamously corrupt and crime-infested city of Riften, she’s unwavering in her goal to make a positive change and fight for justice nonetheless.

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Her tenacity, determined nature, and combat skills make her a powerful ally in battle, but she maintains this same attitude in all areas of her life, cementing her spot as one of the best wives in Skyrim. With her at their side, the Dragonborn should have no worries over her capability of defending their family and raising their children to be honest, kind-hearted citizens.

4 Sylgja

Skyrim's Sylgja inside her small cottage, looking happy.

With Sylgja as their wife, players wouldn’t have to worry as much about the weight of their coin purses, as this diligent Nord woman proves that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and earn lots of gold in Skyrim. Unfortunately, she’s injured during the game’s events, having suffered an accident while working at Redbelly Mine – but she seems eager to get back to her job nonetheless, truly showcasing her grit and opportunistic mindset.

Plus, she can only become the Dragonborn’s spouse after they complete a favor for her family during the “Special Delivery” quest, which proves that her heart is in the right place. After impressing her and her loved ones, players can marry Sylgja and discover for themselves why she’s one of Skyrim‘s best romance options.

3 Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna Maryon crossing her arms and staring into the camera with a neutral expression in Skyrim.

It can be a bit more challenging getting to know Brelyna Maryon, a student at the College of Winterhold, due to her introverted nature. However, those lucky enough to catch her without her nose in a book will find that she has one of the most interesting backstories out of all the potential wives.

The reason why Brelyna is such a strong mage follower in Skyrim and one of the brightest students at the College is because her family are powerful mages themselves, hailing from the House of Telvanni. Challenging herself to learn magic outside her homeland, she’s clearly a bright and passionate sorceress, and she only becomes increasingly lovable thanks to her sweet and shy personality.

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2 Aela The Huntress

A close-up portrait of Aela the Huntress from Skyrim looking angry.

Aela The Huntress is one of the most popular wives in Skyrim, and it’s not without good reason. In a world where many women are unable to be adventurers, she stands out as a powerful warrior, confident leader, and one of the most fascinating members of the Companions.

Her ancestry is deeply rooted in the guild, and thus it’s no surprise that she’s the most devoted werewolf in the Circle. As long as players don’t mind Aela’s outspoken lycanthropic passion, her unique personality and prowess in battle make her one of Skyrim‘s best wives to marry.

1 Muiri

A close-up shot of Muiri from Skyrim smiling at the camera.

Markarth is Skyrim‘s most interesting city, and it’s partly because it houses Muiri, one of the most fleshed-out romance options in the entire game. Having been betrayed by a friend and unfairly isolated from her family, she seeks vengeance with the help of the Dragonborn, and this goal makes her more than just the standard NPC looking for love.

Her resolve proves she’s not one to be trifled with, but she’s nothing but a sweetheart to the player, making her one of the more well-rounded and realistic characters. Plus, she’s also a skilled alchemist, who can provide them with a supply of valuable potions and ingredients upon marriage. If the Dragonborn is looking for a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and handle matters herself, even if it means facing danger to regain her honor, Muiri is the best wife in Skyrim.

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