90 Day Fiancé: 10 Rules The Cast And Crew Have To Follow

reality show TLC fiance 90 days It first aired in 2014 and has become one of the most successful reality series of all time. Thanks to the popularity of the stars, the show now has eight seasons, hundreds of actors, and dozens of spin-offs.

Of course, this success cannot be separated from the great efforts after the opening. For a show to attract such high ratings, it must maintain a certain level of quality, which means that the cast and crew must abide by certain rules and regulations.

90-day fiancés must do a background check

During the show’s audition process, prospective actors had to voluntarily submit personal information about themselves to the producer. Former actor Corey Rathgeber confirmed that when criticizing Geoffrey Paschel’s appearance on the show despite Paschel’s violent crimes, In Touch Weekly reported. History of the allegations.

What’s checked during the background check is top-secret, and actors may be reluctant to reveal their behind-the-scenes experiences. However, it can be information about their visa, as well as knowledge about their daily life in their homeland and family. Based on Rathgeber’s comment, it’s possible that they read the actors’ criminal records.

When a Fiancé is 90 Days, Women Must Sit A Certain Way

jorge and anfisa via Reality Blurb

Earlier fiance 90 days Star Anfisa Arkhipchenko took to Instagram to answer a fan’s question as to why the women in the ensemble sit with their feet up, usually on the table. According to In Touch Weekly, Arkhipchenko commented, “In case you haven’t noticed, the producers made all the women on the show sit like this.”

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It’s possible to ask female actors to sit like this to avoid inadvertent footage being captured online by trolls in other media, but more than likely the answer could be a bit sexist, because men are not required to sit a certain way. The rule is called scary by many fans 90 Days of Fiancé.

Couples who have not been married for 90 days have to pay for their own airfare

Kim and Usman in bed 90 days fiance

One of the biggest challenges couples face fiance 90 days Those are the economic constraints they have to endure. Long distance relationships can be expensive, especially if they often fly to visit each other. For those who are successful enough to get engaged or married, visa applications can be very expensive.

Still, it’s a source of drama the show wants to show viewers. Before fiance 90 days Crew member Deavan Clegg revealed to fans that the show doesn’t pay for crewed flights, with the exception of a reunion gathering at the end of the season. Arguments about what one half of the couple is up to while the other half is thousands of miles away is a common tension on the show, as are arguments about money, and the show has clearly take advantage of that.

Only the American cast of 90 Day Fiance gets paid

Big Ed Brown talks about 90-day fiancé in a blue shirt

Reality TV shows can be very lucrative for those who have become stars by appearing on TV — but that’s easier said than done. The lead actor of “90 Day Fiance” only paid about $1,000 per episode, much less than the average annual salary.

However, this only applies to American actors. The show does not pay foreign actors. This is due to the need for a work visa, which often requires US citizenship, but the rule still seems rather unfair.

The 90-day fiancé must prove they are an established couple

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi from 90 Day Fiance posing outside

Although fans have theorized about which aspect fiance 90 days It’s fake, purely because the camera and show crew did extensive research to make sure the couples appearing on the show were real. For auditioners who want to join the cast, they have to prove to the crew that they are real and that their relationship is serious.

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“We’re not going to get everyone together,” executive producer Matt Sharp told Deadline. “Everybody we’re on the show sees themselves as organic” and to demonstrate how organic their relationship really is, potential actors can send text messages and messages. other form documents proving them legit.

90 Day Fiancés must meet face-to-face at least once

90-day fiance Larissa dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson

original star fiance 90 days In the movie, engaged couples have to meet in person, although they often meet online and their relationship is long distance. In addition, they must provide proof of this to the producer in order to participate in the program.

According to immigration advisory group Boundless, this is not necessarily a rule enforced by crews for the sake of entertainment, but it is the official rule for applying for a K-1 fiancé visa. In addition, audition candidates must provide legal evidence such as dated photos, flight documents and other official forms. This is not the case with by-products 90 days agoCouples who want to get engaged often meet for the first time here.

The 90-day fiancé had to act out the script scene

David Toborowski and Anne Suwan in The 90 Days Fiancé Talk

many alumni fiance 90 days Claiming that the scenes they aired on the show were fake, and luring them in with lines of scripts written by behind-the-scenes staff. These scripted moments are meant to keep the drama high and the audience engaged with the show.

The two actors who confirmed the film was written are Chris Thieneman and his wife Nikki Cooper. According to Reality Blurb, Nikki and Chris told fans in a Q&A on Facebook that they were forced to follow the script by the crew and Chris asked Anne Suwan for a massage, which prompted her and her husband David Toborowski felt bad. uncomfortable.

Couples who have not been married for 90 days must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali talking in front of the camera in 90 Day Fiance

To prevent secrets from being leaked before an episode airs or spreading information that makes the TLC network go bad, the cast and crew must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before joining the show. . An NDA is an information ban contract held by two parties to prevent that information from being made public.

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fiance 90 days According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Season 2 star Danielle Mullins revealed that if the actors breach their contract, their episode payments will be forfeited. The former actor also revealed that NDA contracts typically last nine months for a full season, but the cast and crew are encouraged to keep it private so they can potentially sign on to another series.

Couples in 90 Days of Fiancé have to shoot for a long time

Lisa Hamme and Usman Sojaboy Umar from 90 Days Fiancé with Roses

people who want to play fiance 90 days Must be very willing to be transparent about their personal lives. The show often features friends and family of the main couple, and often deals with awkward topics like the couple’s sex.

Most importantly, any actor must be willing to be watched by the crew for extended periods of time, and any crew member must dedicate their lives to accompanying the actors and spending a lot of time with the cast. time for them. According to former actor Jesse Meester, according to E! information.

Ordinary couples do not need to register to become a fiancé for 90 days

90 Days Naked Jenny and Sumit-1 talking in front of the curtain

Couples who have a healthy relationship and rarely fight are less likely to pass the audition process 90 Days of Fiancé. According to CastingMaster’s film and TV casting experts, applicants should “consider what separates you as a couple from a normal American relationship.”

In other words, the show’s producers are looking for big names and unique relationship dynamics. This helps keep viewers interested in the show, but many feel it can be taken advantage of, especially when a couple seems pretty toxic.

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