RHOBH: Dorit Blasted For Extravagant Bday Party For Daughter Phoenix

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley recently threw a lavish birthday party for her daughter Phoenix and received a lot of negative criticism about how over-the-top the event turned out to be. For the most part, RHOBH fans are used to seeing Dorit and her husband PK Kemsley’s extravagant lifestyle. PK has made his fortune as a businessman and a talent manager. For instance, English pop star Boy George is managed under PK and has appeared many times on RHOBH. Dorit is also an entrepreneur who has launched clothing lines.

Dorit has been keeping a low profile since the horrific incident in October 2021 when she was held at gunpoint during a home invasion. The armed robbers broke into her house by smashing a window and ordered Dorit out of bed, forcing her to take them to her valuables. The intruders took about $1 million in jewelry and other goods. Dorit’s RHOBH cast members have all rallied around her following the incident and her husband PK Kemsley praised her for filming the new season of RHOBH despite going through such a traumatic situation.

In a recent Instagram post, Dorit shared pictures of the extravagant party she threw for her daughter Pheonix as she turned 6 years old. The event had a Pop It theme complete with a DJ, multi-tiered cake, balloon backdrops, a light-up dance floor, and tables of food and drinks. Phoenix posed adorably in a rainbow dress decorated with Pop Its – the hit new sensory toy that is all the rage with kids right now. Friends and fans praised Dorit for the party, but certain fans criticized her for throwing such a lavish birthday party for a kid. An Instagram user wrote, “Whatever happened to Chuck-E-Cheese?” Another fan wondered what Phoenix’s Sweet 16 birthday bash will be like.

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Meanwhile, Dorit was also put on blast for sharing such a frivolous post in light of what is happening in Ukraine. A fan wrote, “I’m usually a fan but honestly you should read the room and wait a few days to post your joyful birthday celebrations for your lovely daughter. Families in Ukraine are being devastated this very minute!” Another person simply stated, “Pray for Ukraine,” and many others urged Dorit to donate to the cause. Some fans showed concern for Dorit posting such extravagance after being robbed not too long ago, noting that she should have kept Phoenix’s birthday party more private.

Dorit is not the first RHOBH star to throw a lavish birthday party for her kids. During RHOBH season 1, Taylor Armstrong threw an Alice In Wonderland-themed tea party for her daughter Kennedy’s birthday. The tea party came with an elaborate table decorated with tea, pastries, and a topsy-turvy Mad-Hatter cake. Fans were shocked to learn that Taylor spent a whopping $50,000 on the party. The following year, Taylor threw a carnival-themed party for Kennedy’s 5th birthday at a sprawling ranch in Malibu complete with a petting zoo and horse rides. While Dorit may not have spent $50,000 on Phoenix’s party, fans wouldn’t be surprised if it came pretty close.

Source: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

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