Karla Mora: Meet Footballer Guillermo Ochoa’s Wife

Karla Mora is famous as the wife of Guillermo Ochoa, a prominent Mexico national soccer team member famously known as “Memo.” Ochoa is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Salernitana and captains the Mexican national team. Although his wife is not in the same field as him, she is famous in her industry as a model.

While the pair have kept the details of their marriage private, the successful footballer credits his wife for his success. The career that Ochoa has built is due to the unconditional love and support that he had from his wife. Hence, fans of the Mexican national team captain are curious about who the woman behind him is.

Here’s everything we know about her.

Karla Mora and the footballer. (Source: Instagram/@kamo01)

Who Is Karla Mora, Memo Ochoa’s Wife?

Mora was born to her parents, Alfredo Mora and Patricia Santana, in Guadalajara, Mexico, on March 23, 1982. Despite being the wife of a famous footballer, Karla Mora has kept the details of her upbringing private.

However, online reports suggest her family moved to Mexico City months before the 1985 earthquake. She grew up with her parents and brother, Lucio, and they share a close bond. Although she has hinted at having a sister, there are no details about her.

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Due to her cagey lifestyle, details about her elementary and high school education and educational achievements are unavailable. However, after graduating high school, Guillermo Ochoa’s wife enrolled at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where she studied Textile Design.

Guillermo Ochoa and Karla Mora. (Source: Instagram/@kamo01)

What Does Guillermo Ochoa’s Wife Do for a Living?

Karla Mora began her career as a model at a young age. She was modeling for brands while studying. As a model, she worked with clothing and make-up brands. She also dabbled in fashion design. Mora worked at Royal Closet, a women’s clothing store founded by Montserrat Olivier and Barbara Coppel in 2006.

Mora decided to dedicate herself not only to modeling but also to design. Thanks to her efforts, she has been successful in both areas. Throughout her career, Karla Mora has covered the front pages of several magazines and worked with several high-end brands. Although she has graced magazine front covers with her husband since she tied the knot, Karla Mora is focusing on her family.

How Did Karla Mora Meet Her Husband?

Although the couple had different backgrounds and worked in different industries, fate came into play after a mutual friend introduced them. Regina Padilla, the wife of former football player Gerardo Torrado, introduced the model to Ochoa before the 2010 World Cup playoffs in South Africa. It was love at first sight for the two, and they hit it off.

Before they met, Guillermo Ochoa dated Dulce Maria, a Mexican actress, singer, and actress, in 2005. However, he split from her a year after for unknown reasons. After his brief stint with the Mexican actress, the Serie A goalkeeper kept his relationships low profile until word got out about him and the Mexican model.

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When Did Karla Mora and Guillermo Ochoa Tie the Knot?

After dating for over seven years, Karla Mora and her husband tied the knot in Ibiza, Spain, on July 8, 2017. They had a dreamy wedding with their close friends and family in attendance. Some of the guests at their wedding include Andres Guardado, Raul Jimenez, Diego Reyes, Hector Moreno, and Rafael Marquez.

A picture of the lovely couple sharing a kiss at their wedding. (Source: Instagram/@kamo01)

While the couple have kept their marriage private and scandal-free, they have faced rough patches together. The Mexican team failed to perform in its matches against the United States and Canada during the World Cup Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 Word Cup in November 2021. However, national team fans crossed a line instead of addressing their grievances to the players healthily.

Fans sent violent threats to Karla Mora, Memo Ochoa’s wife, on Instagram to punish the Mexican goalkeeper for his performance in the World Cup Qualifiers. However, the couple dealt with the issue gracefully and denounced the threats while schooling fans on the importance of sportsmanship.

How Many Kids Does Memo Ochoa’s Wife Have?

The Mexican model and her husband have three kids together. Although the two tied the knot in 2017, they welcomed their first child and daughter, Lucciana Ochoa, on February 8, 2013.

Almost two years later, Mora and Ochoa welcomed their second child and first son, Guillermo Ochoa Jr., on April 1, 2015. Their third child and second daughter, Karla Ochoa, was born in May 2019.

The lovely couple and their kids. (Source: Instagram/@kamo01)

Does Karla Mora Live in Guillermo Ochoa’s House?

Yes, she does. Although her husband lives mostly outside Mexico due to his career, it only makes sense that the Mexican model lives in her husband’s mansion with her kids. Guillermo Ochoa’s house, valued at over $2,000,000, is one of the luxuries Karla Mora and her children enjoy.

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Like Morgan Macgregor, wife of actor Michael C. Hall, Karla Mora loves her privacy and shields her family from unwanted media attention.

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