New Jedi Order Movie Rumor Would Only Continue Star Wars’ Rey Skywalker Failure

If Rey Skywalker didn’t Star Wars‘ With the new Jedi Order movie, the franchise will be a good fit for her role. Daisy Ridley’s Rey Debuts in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play as a lone scavenger on the planet Jakku. Over the course of the sequel trilogy, Rey discovers her connection to the Force, battles the First and even defeats Emperor Palpatine once and for all. She does all this while trying to figure out her place in the galaxy, trying to learn more about her parents. While most of Rey’s narrative mysteries have been solved (though not in the way many hoped), she still deserves a story of her own.

a current rumor Star Wars’ new jedi order The film hints that Rey is not the main character of the upcoming film, although the premise could be built around her newly reimagined Jedi Council. The movie will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chino and set 15 years later Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. With the passage of time, there is no reason why Rey won’t join the lead role, instead, it is rumored that she will play a role similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original. Star Wars movies, or her mentor Luke Skywalker in the sequel trilogy. However, this is not good for her character.

Rey not leading the new Jedi Order movie would be an insult to the character

This story runs through Star Wars The sequel trilogy was never Rey’s own. Yes, those movies cover her upbringing and training to become a Jedi Knight, but the villains she fights and the struggles she faces are remnants of a another era, the continuation of someone else’s story. While much of Rey’s story is about her trying to figure out where she came from and where she fits in in the galaxy, the answers, unfortunately, force her back to earlier stories. . The new Jedi film is the perfect opportunity to give Rey a story entirely her own, a challenge that only she can overcome by applying the values ​​and ethics she’s learned. Okay.

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But if Rey wasn’t the main character, that opportunity would have been taken from her, leaving her character forever in the giant’s shadow. One could argue that Rey voluntarily rejected Palpatine’s legacy and chose the name Skywalker for herself, and those are the defining moments of the character, and they would be right. But even those big moments are tied to the legacy of the other characters. So far, Rey’s unique lightsaber is the only one that belongs entirely to her – and so is the New Jedi Society and its stories.

How Rey’s new Jedi Order movie finally does justice to the new Skywalker

Rey in The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker.

Establishing a new Jedi Order will be a pivotal moment for Rey. She can use everything she learns from Luke and Leia’s teachings and failures, Ben Solo’s fight against the dark side, old Jedi texts she got from the Temple of Ahchtor, and her battle with Palpatine knowledge, and use that knowledge to create an order that is fairer, wiser, and more tolerant of emotions than its predecessors, and is a new lighthouse in the galaxy. If Rey is the main character in the movie, audiences can better understand why she rebuilt the Jedi Council the way she did, and how she grew up on her own without the burden of the past. past.

However, if she’s not the main character of the movie, then that part of her story is essentially missing for her. Instead of seeing the person she’s become, the focus will shift to an entirely new character—one who will see Rey the same way he sees Luke, thus prolonging the cycle. One of the reasons why Daisy Ridley is back so soon the rise of skywalker Interesting because it allows Star Wars Continue the story of established characters rather than imposing a secondary mentor role on them. Is this movie? episode tenthe first part in a trilogy – this movie is for review only Star Wars A character worthy of a unique story.

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