Teen Wolf Actor Defends Movie Killing Off Derek

Teen Wolf actor Onia Adams, who plays Coach Finstock, defended the film’s decision to kill Derek and explained why it happened.

Oni Adams, who plays Finstock’s coach, defends himself Teen Werewolf: The MovieDecided to kill Derek Hale. The revival saw the return of many actors from the original series, including Adams and Tyler Hoechlin as Derek, but arguably it’s more notable because of the mixed response it received. fan base. The choice to kill Derek at the end of the third act has sparked much discussion about the purpose of the project and whether key characters should be removed to set up a potential side story.

in an interview The roar is back podcast by little Wolf Co-star Holland Roden, the cast of Coach Finstock took the opportunity to address the complaints surrounding Derek’s death. Before that, he discussed the negative viewer reaction to series creator Jeff Davis and offered his thoughts on why the popular character was killed. In the excerpt below, he explains that these decisions were made not out of malice but for more practical reasons:

What I like about Derek is that fans are outraged by his actions [killed off]they will never watch this show again, they hate Jeff Davis. […] What you don’t understand is that if certain characters don’t return to the show, it’s either because they’re not there, or they don’t want to, or they can’t afford it. Or for whatever reason. It’s work. It’s work, you can’t say, “Jeff Davis, I hate you for killing Derek,” or Crystal [Reed, who plays Allison] who cares. Like, he didn’t just kill people for defiance. “

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What’s next for the Teen Wolf universe?

Movie Teen Werewolf Eli Hale

Teen Wolf: The Movie End A shot of Derek Eli Hale’s (Vince Mattis) son looking determined. The way it was built and continues to show that a newcomer can lead the franchise forward. Derek dies, essentially sacrificing himself at the end of the film, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Alison raising their child to support a potential, easy sequel. The sequel is on the other hand mostly self-contained, but it’s clearly the theatrical setting for more stories set in little Wolf world.

Ian Bohen, who plays Peter Hale, recently revealed that he’s working on a spin-off featuring Peter and Chris Argent (JR Bourne). Bohen mentioned that the project will involve flashbacks and history, so Derek is expected to participate. This will be an interesting choice, as Peter and Chris have been supporting the players little Wolfalthough Bohen stressed that he is working with others to see if the idea can be built into something.

besides Wolves. Although the Paramount+ series did not receive little Wolf, It was also written by Davis and featured some of the same actors in different roles. It’s not likely that the two supernatural dramas will have a crossover. However, with a shared theme, location, and creative team, there is still room for opportunity.

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