Meet Gina Miles Parents: Ryan Galey And Amy Buler!

Gina Miles’ journey on season 23 of The Voice has undoubtedly been a thrilling one. While she undoubtedly owes much of her success to her talented trainer Niall Horan, she also acknowledges the pivotal role that her parents have played in shaping her music career. In particular, Gina is deeply grateful to her father, who supported and encouraged her from the very beginning. As she continues to pursue her dreams on The Voice, Gina can’t help but wonder about the people who have made it all possible – who are the parents of this rising star? With anticipation building, she eagerly reads on to uncover the answer.

The Voice: Who are the parents of Gina Miles?

Gina Miles is a fortunate person, as she has two parents who love her dearly. While Ryan Galey and Amy Buler are both important people in her life, it’s undeniable that Gina shares a special bond with her father. Perhaps it’s because he raised her himself, without the aid of a mother figure. But this isn’t to say that Amy doesn’t hold a special place in Gina’s heart too; on the contrary, she was instrumental in helping Gina pursue her dreams of music.

When Gina decided to take the plunge and move in with her aunt in Sacramento to pursue music full-time, it was Amy who supported her every step of the way. The transition to life in the big city was daunting at first, but with Amy’s help, Gina found her feet quickly and began making strides towards achieving her goals.

Nowadays, Gina is making waves on The Voice, where she has made it into the coveted top 5 finalists. For one of her standout performances on the show, she chose to sing Taylor Swift’s “Style”, which earned high praise from judge Niall for being a daring departure from some of the more somber songs she had sung before. She followed up this performance with a powerful rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor.

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Niall was particularly moved by this latter performance and shared that he believes Gina deserves to win The Voice. It’s clear that no matter what happens on the show, Gina has already achieved so much thanks to the unwavering support of both Ryan and Amy.

Meet Ryan Galey, father of Gina Miles

Ryan Galey is a devoted father to Gina Miles, whom he raised as a single dad while working as a DJ every weekend. When Gina turned 14, he began involving her more in the music scene and even invited her to his shows. Now, he is incredibly proud of his daughter, who has made it to the Top 5 of The Voice. He recently shared her audition on his Facebook page with the exclamation “BOOM! So proud.”

Ryan Galey Age

Ryan Galey, born in May of 1970, celebrated his 53rd birthday in the year 2023. He was blessed to be welcomed into a family lineage including Carolyn J Galey, who was born in the year 1944 and who we can assume to have played an instrumental role in shaping Ryan’s upbringing. Additionally, Ryan is the beloved grandson of Janice Galey born on August 30th, 1939 and who passed away on December 2nd, 2013. It is clear that family holds a significant place in Ryan’s life and has helped him become the person he is today.

  • Ryan Galey’s Business

Ryan Galey’s passion for work has been a consistent presence in his life, from his early days in restaurant management to his current career as an insurance producer. Despite the challenges wrought by COVID-19, Ryan remains committed to serving and benefiting people with his customer service skills. In 2022, he opened the Ryan Galey Agency, which offers a wide range of insurance products to clients seeking auto, home, life, commercial/business insurance and more. As he enters his third year as a licensed insurance agent for Farmers Insurance and ninth month running his own agency now in May 2023, Ryan is proud of the cooperative spirit among Farm agents in the area. They work together seamlessly to meet their shared goal of providing exceptional service to their clients.

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When he encounters problems or challenges on the job, Ryan turns to Michael Rumsey Farmers Insurance Agency – where he previously worked – for support. This demonstrates not only a deep respect for his former employer but also underscores the strong bonds of cooperation that exist between agents within the Farm community.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Ryan has another passion: DJing at Maximum Entertainment. He continues to pursue this interest even as he builds his career in insurance. His diverse educational background is also a testament to Ryan’s versatility: he has studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University; Broadcast Communications at Parkland College; and completed the General Studies Program at Eastern Illinois University. With such a broad range of experiences behind him, it is clear that nothing can stop Ryan from pursuing his passions and achieving success in all areas of life.

Is Ryan Galey on Instagram?

Find Ryan on Instagram @ryandgaley.

Also, here is his Facebook @ryan.d.galey.

Meet Amy Buler, mother of Gina Miles

Amy Buler may not be Gina’s birth mother, but she loves like her own.

Let’s get to know her better below.

  • Amy Buller Age

Amy Buler, who was born in April 1978, is currently 45 years old and the daughter of Robert W Buler and Sheryl Buler. Her father, Robert “Bob” William Buler Sr., served in the United States Army between 1979 and 1992 after graduating from Suitland High School. After serving his country, he went on to become a cleaning project manager for shopping centers across the Midwest and East Coast. Unfortunately, Bob passed away on March 8th, 2019 at the age of 67. Despite this tragic loss, Amy continues to honor her father’s legacy by carrying forward his values of hard work and dedication both professionally and personally.

Amy Buller’s work

Amy Buler, a skilled professional with diverse experience, held the position of Programmer/Coordinator II at Carle Foundation Hospital located in the city of Urbana. Apart from her role at the hospital, she was also actively involved in supporting her husband’s entrepreneurial pursuits as an agent at Ryan Galey Agency. Her dedication to her work and ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously made her a valuable asset to both organizations.

  • Is Amy Buler on Instagram?

We couldn’t get Amy on Instagram or any other social media.

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  • Are Gina Miles’s parents still married?

Gina’s parents Ryan Galey and Amy Buler are still married as of 2023. The two have been married for over 7 years and have 13 partners.

  • How many children do Gina Miles’ parents have?

It is interesting to note that although Gina’s parents have no other children, she and her sister Lucy Galey were born to her father and biological mother. While Gina may be the more well-known of the two sisters, it is worth mentioning that Lucy is also an accomplished individual in her own right. In fact, she recently graduated from Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School in 2020 at just two years old! Additionally, Lucy has worked alongside her parents at the Ryan Galey agency, indicating a strong work ethic and dedication to her family’s business. For those interested in seeing more of Lucy’s life and accomplishments, she can be found on Instagram under the handle @luc.yj__.

Where do Gina Miles’s parents live?

Gina’s parents lived in Paxton, IL in 2023.

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