Meet Felecia Henderson, Keion Henderson Ex-Wife! Age, Job

Shaunie O’Neal is a favorite among VH1 viewers for her decade-long journey in the women’s basketball. When she and Shaquille O’Neal split in 2011, Shaunie changed the show’s course from supportive wife to reality TV head as executive producer. As for her love life, she only decided to get serious in 2019 after meeting Pastor Keion Henderson. They had instant chemistry and have been inseparable ever since. The two even got married in May 2022, and of course, she gave Shaunie the last name ‘O’Neal’.

All these years, Shaunie has kept her personal affairs pretty much out of the picture on the TV show. But did you know that her current husband, Keion, also has her own past? Yes, we are talking about Felecia Henderson. She is her ex-wife and we will talk about her in the rest of the text.

Meet Felecia Henderson, the ex-wife of Keion Henderson

Like Shaunie, Keion Henderson is believed to have remained cordial with his ex-wife, Felecia Henderson. In Keion’s case, it should be mainly because Felecia is also the mother of his child.

Keion married Felecia Henderson in 2010. The couple divorced nine years later, in 2019. The marriage didn’t work out, but the exes appear to have managed to balance their roles as co-parenting their only child, Katelyn Henderson. Kate is Keion’s only child and is often seen on her social media accounts.

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As for Felecia, she also has two older children, Tynisha and Paige or Candis. It is also said that Keion raised them as his own.

Talking about the kids’ birth dates, Tynisha Marcel was born on July 20, 1995, Candis Clements was born on December 23, 2005) and Katelyn followed her on July 18, 2012.

Felecia’s social media is full of photos of her with these kids and her new grandson, Easton. Baby Easton is Tynisha’s son with Thomas. They were married on May 17, 2021. In July 2022, when Tynisha turned 27, she seemed blessed in her life living in the Katy area of ​​Houston, Texas with her little family.

On her youngest daughter Katelyn’s birthday in 2016, Felecia posted on Instagram that “your father and I” were so thankful that God chose them to mold, love and develop the greatness he placed in her. In the end, he admitted to Katelyn that one of the greatest joys for her is being a mother. She said that she would always be honored to have the honor of carrying a genie in her womb.

Next year, in March (2020), we heard Felecia’s ex-husband speak inspiringly about pastoring a megachurch while going through a divorce and more. This was on a podcast with BlessedBeatz Media and young Katelyn was by her side the whole time, she was well behaved and proud of him.

Felecia Henderson Current marital status

Felecia Henderson Sr. still carried her ex-husband’s last name, not caring that he remarried. So is Felecia seeing someone?

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Unlike Keion, Felecia did not commit to another marriage. However, at this time she still wrote on her Facebook that she is “in a relationship”. But it’s clear that she didn’t reveal who she was dating.

Felecia Henderson Age

Felecia Henderson was born in 1980. So, in 2022, she turned 42 years old.

Is Felecia Henderson on Instagram?

That. Felecia Henderson can be found on Instagram @statementsbyh with 808 posts and 16.6k followers as of December 1, 2022. Also here, her BIO read “I accept my differences. Different way👣, my style is different! I’m looking at 👀 after Ty, Paige, Kate and Easton!!!”

Felecia also showed pieces of her life on Facebook.

Family of Felecia Henderson

Felecia’s mother is Barbara Ann Marcel. You can follow her on her Instagram @bobbie_ann68. Barbara was born in June 1955, making her 67 in 2022. Like her daughter Felecia, she as of 2022 can also be found in Humble City, which is in the metropolitan area. of Houston.

Felecia seems to have a very good relationship with her mother, as she thanked her on Mother’s Day for “showing and living” that power and magic are within. She boosted that they exist for her thanks to her, and more.

Felicia also has an older sister named Deatric Marcel. Deatric could be found on IG @deajamjai, and she turned 48 in June 2022.

On Deatric’s birthday on June 4, 2019, Felecia shouted her “happiest birthday” and lovingly admitted that it was because her sister was born and alive.

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Felecia Henderson’s work

Until now, it was not known what Felecia Henderson did for a living. She seemed to stay away from the public eye and that is probably why she chose not to leave a trace even on her social networks. But according to IMDB, she Felecia appeared in a TV miniseries called Closet Chats in 2019.

At least he chose to reveal on his Facebook that he attended Maury High School and Norfolk State University.

  • When is Felecia Henderson’s birthday?

Felecia Henderson’s birthday is April 23, which makes her a Taurus.

  • What is Felecie Henderson’s maiden name?

Felecia Henderson’s maiden name is Felecia Ann Marcel.

  • How tall is Felecia Henderson?

The beautiful Felecia Henderson is less than 5’6 inches tall.

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