Lost Ark: All Mokoko Seed Locations In Rethramis Border

The last district of the Rethramis . region lost box The player will travel through the main quest line, the Rethramis Border, where there are ten Mokoko particles hidden on its map. The first three seeds can be found at the bottom of the area. The player can spot one behind the wagons and windmills, visible only from a higher vantage point. The next Mokoko Seed from the Rethramis Border is at lost box Northwest of the first one, hidden in a large bush next to the windmill and some barrels. Players should be careful when collecting this seed, as some hostile bandits will patrol the location.

The third Mokoko seed in the Rethramis Border is located near the pond where the NPC is pulling the fire bucket to put out the fire. The collection is located outdoors, but is difficult to see due to the dim lighting and green of the surrounding grass. Continue to the Reglia Monastery to see the fourth and fifth seeds sprout side by side. Go behind the building to the left of the triangular gate in the area to collect them. Those in difficulty can use the monastery’s spire as a point of reference.

Head to the eastern section of Reglia Monastery to find the location of the sixth Mokoko seed on the Rethramis Border lost box. Near the slime-spraying Skehal and a few flying insects, adventurers can find a seed hidden in the bushes in the upper left corner. This place can be found in “survival base“The person who assigned the task.

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All Ark Mokoko Seeds lost in Rethramis Frontier

Next, enter Abbey Orchard in the upper right corner of the map. Next, the player must make their way to the large thatched hut in the central area, then go around to the back. Finally, the seventh Mokoko seed lay behind the disgusting dead tree.

The last three seeds of the Border of Rethramis are the hardest to find, as they are located in areas not visible on the map. To find them, head to the cemetery west of the Reglia Monastery. The graveyards will be flooded with enemies, including the strong lost box Grave digger. After fighting or dodging hostile mobs, head to the dead end in the southwest corner of the cemetery. The cliff to the left is a secret passage that can be climbed to a hidden area in the Border of Rethramis. However, the ridge can only be climbed after the player kills four nearby ghosts. Once you reach the high ground, head northwest until you come across a large tree. One Mokoko seed is located under this tree and the other two are near the nest of three fossil eggs to the north.

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