“Love After Lockup” Season 5 Is Set To Be Released On WeTV

The hit WeTV franchise Love After Lockup is ready to return with a new episode. The fifth season of the series will air online on Friday, December 16, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The post-jail romantic reality series has completed 4 seasons with each episode increasing in intensity. The upcoming season will focus on the lives of certain couples after being released from prison, keeping fans glued to their televisions.

Nathan and Skylar, Gabby and Chris, Monique and Derek, Aris and Cameron, Justine and Michael, Ashley and Travis are the couples who will appear in Season 5 of Love After Lockup. Throughout the season, the series will follow couples as they deal with difficulties in their personal relationships, friendships, and family, and reflect on their lives.

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What can we expect from Love After Lockup Season 5?

Season 5 of Love Outside Lockup will follow six couples as they face various hardships and tribulations as they adjust to life after being released from prison. While several new actors have joined the series, fans have been following the progress of some of the characters returning to the franchise. The preview gives fans an idea of ​​what will happen in the next season. Justine declared her love for Michael in the trailer. The scene then shifts to Ashley admitting she was “in love” with Travis before hugging him. The trailer also shows Aris and Cameron getting married, with the former exploding champagne.

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Gabby and Chris exchange rings during the Love After Lockup Season 5 trailer, while his family waits in the car. The scene then cuts to Nathan saying he started talking to Skylar while he was in prison. The teaser then hints at chaos between the two, with the former confronting Skylar about a guy who keeps contacting her. In the second scene, Justine and Michael are on their way home, but the children are hesitant at first to recognize Michael as their father. Even Arisa’s daughter hesitates to call Cameron stepfather.

In another scenario, Monique admits that she has never met Derek before. She even monitors Derek’s activities in her absence with a secret video camera in their home. The Love After Lockup trailer then shows Nathan arguing with his mother over her disapproval of his relationship with Skylar. But she’s worried because Skylar’s last two lovers have died and she doesn’t want her child to be a third. Meanwhile, Gabby’s mother was equally critical of her daughter’s relationship with Chris, calling it a “circus”.

Fan favorite couple Gabby and Chris were also shown how to manage their lives in a separate clip for the next season of Love After Lockup. She was first seen talking to a friend about her strained relationship with Chris’ family. Gabby said after informing Chris’ mother that she would not be accompanying her to get him out of jail:

“My relationship with Chris’ family is a mess. Touch is limited, which I like because all they offer is drama. Chris’s mom believes I’m taking advantage of him. I’m a gold digger and all that.”

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Love after lockdown

The actress shares her story. Chris previously earned a $100,000 settlement after being brutally beaten by Rikers Island officers. He gave Gabby half of what she said she spent on “our bills, our apartment, our furniture, our credit card debt, and our car.” She later admitted that Chris was now bankrupt, but she was giving the money to him, not his mother. Love After Lockup Season 5 promises a lot of turmoil. While some couples overcome difficulties successfully, others may struggle long after being released from prison. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see the cast deal with life outside of prison. Don’t forget to catch a brand new episode of the series on WeTV on Friday, December 16, 2022, at 21:00 ET.

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