Lizzy Savetsky Reportedly Left RHONY Over Brynn Whitfield Drama

Sources reveal alleged details of Lizzy Savetsky’s early departure real housewives of new york city Season 14. Production of the reboot is underway amid reports that a housewife has gone out. It returns after a two-year hiatus with a brand new cast. Lizzy left before the show began amid reports of disputes related to race and ethnicity. She talked about her departure and said it was due to the anti-Semitism she experienced as a Jewish woman.

New report from page six It is now reported that Lizzy and her husband, Dr Ira Savetsky, decided to leave after repeating the N word with the producers. The conversation between Lizzy and Brynn Whitfield sparks drama when Brynn asks Lizzy to introduce her to a Jewish man. Lizzy, known for her role as a matchmaker, is said to have told Brynn that although Jews have no problem dating Gentiles, she prefers to let Jews date men. other Jews. Lizzy is an Orthodox Jew and prefers Jews to date other Jews to preserve their racial origins. She is said to have explained that the Jews are not only a belief system but also a people.

Lizzy Savetsky and Brynn Whitfield have drama while filming RHONY

based on page six, Brynn was offended and told Lizzy her words sounded like “scary person [meaning Nazis] Who did bad things to your people.Brin’s reaction infuriated Lizzy, Ronnie The housewives had heated phone conversations discussing the use of racist slurs. In the chat called Brin, who is half black, mentioned the whole word N. Lizzy is said to have the impression that Brynn would tell the other members that she was the one who used the disparaging language. racism in the call. After receiving the call, Ira was extremely angry and complained to the show producer.

But instead of saying the N word, Ella allegedly uttered the entire word more than once. Ella later apologized, but sources said the damage was done and discussions began about the Savitskys leaving the show. The source also agrees with Lizzy’s initial claim that she was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack on social media. Earlier this month, Lizzy announced that she Ronnie Going out is considered a decision.”At the receiving end of the torrent [anti-Semitic] attackThe short-lived housewife felt that leaving the show was the best decision she could have made for herself and her family. These claims chillingly denied the race-focused drama led to the show’s subsequent suspension. Ronnie Season 13.

Ramona Singer’s alleged racist remarks about Eboni K. Williams led to investigation, Ronnie Season 13 reunion is cancelled. Now with the efforts of the manufacturer real housewives of new york city After the reboot, the season 14 cast was affected by the racist drama. These reports could fuel speculation about the reboot and whether the franchise will return to the gentle shadow it once was known for. Ronnie If the season 14 cast can’t do something like this, fans can only watch the Legacy side story Real housewives Fans like it more.

Source: Page Six

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