How Black Panther Helped Woman King Get Made According To Viola Davis

Queen star Viola Davis recently explained how black Panther Help create a historical action epic. Set in 1823, Davis plays General Naniska, a talented warrior leader of the Agojie, a real-life all-female regiment in the kingdom of Dahomey, West Africa. Led by the young king Gezo (John Boyega), Naniska commands his armies against rival empires such as the Oyo, as well as European invading armies. history of violence Starring Maria Bello, the film will also star Thato Mbedu as rookie Nawi, Lashana Lynch as Lieutenant Izogie, Sheila Atim as Lieutenant Amenza and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Santo Ferreira.

The legend of Agojie, also known as Dahomey Amazons, inspired Marvel Comics’ Dora Milaje, the female royal bodyguard tasked with protecting the Black Panther. Fictional warrior to debut on big screen in 2018 black Panther Starring the late Chadwick Boseman zombieDanai Gurira as Okoye, the leader of Dora Milaje. The film was a huge success, grossing over $1.3 billion, black Panther The second highest-grossing film of the year (after Avengers: Infinity War) and was the ninth highest-grossing film at the time of its release.

in a recent interview morning cbsDavis explains how black Panther help Queen is produced. The Oscar-winning actor announced Queen will not be performed”no leopardsuggests that Hollywood has a history of ignoring black audiences when it comes to the success of its films. However, Davis suggests that the economic success is amazing black Panther The industry has rethought their strategy, providing Queen Manufacture. Read what the actor had to say below.

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“Of course. One hundred percent [wouldn’t be possible] No jaguars. They set the stage because [Hollywood] Don’t think that black women can lead the global box office in epic action historical films. Because when did you do that? “

“Do white people go to the movies? I always say Thelma and Louise, Laura Tomb Raider, Black Widow — they don’t test these movies in front of black audiences. They don’t screen them, ‘Oh black people don’t’ I don’t like it so maybe we have to make Scarlett Johansson’s hair curly (sic) You know, maybe we have to give her more style so we can appeal to Brooklyn, the Bronx, or whatever whatever.”

“On the other hand, right now we have to appeal to a white audience. That’s the whole dilemma, the whole struggle.”

No matter how harsh Davis’ comments are, she understands that Hollywood has repeatedly ignored people of color when it comes to testing a number of films with predominantly white casts, while also debating how a series Movies with a predominantly black cast can appeal to a white audience. black Panther As a groundbreaking film, it not only succeeded with black audiences, proving to a wary film industry that people of color can get the bank without the heart of racing in stereotypical ways. terrible sample. The superhero movie release record not only greenlighted another epic action movie, but also reshaped the landscape of a stagnant industry still trapped by outdated financial models and culture of the past.

And Queen It grossed $1.7 million in Thursday night previews and already has a 95% freshness rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, brave Heart-The genre’s all-time epic is ripe for #1 at the weekend box office. The aim of Davis and the crew is to use the inspiration that inspired the fictional Dora Milaje to tell the true stories of these powerful Agojie women, and perhaps they themselves will be inspired. Future filmmakers explore the past. Think about stories that were deemed unsellable because of perceived lack of financial success based on old-fashioned ways. Only time will tell if Queen will leave a mark in hollywood black Panther before it.

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Source: CBS Morning

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