It’s A Terrible Time To Buy A Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is turning six this year, which actually makes it a terrible time to buy one brand new. There is no denying that the Nintendo Switch is an impressive device. Nintendo’s console was a literal game changer with regard to fluid portable and home gaming sessions as players were able to effortlessly switch between gaming at home on a large TV screen, to picking up the game and taking it on the go as a portable device without even needing to pause their session.

Over the years since the Nintendo Switch’s release, Nintendo has released several different versions of the console, including the Switch Lite, which focused entirely on being a handheld at a lower price point. 2021 saw an upgraded version of the device, the Switch OLED released, sports a few new features that primarily improved handheld play, including a more vibrant 7″ OLED screen capable of true blacks, a redesigned kickstand, and enhanced audio. Despite achieving impressive sales, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s initial fan response was lukewarm due to it not featuring any performance upgrades, something which had been largely speculated around the time.

The Release Of More Powerful Nintendo Switches Seems Inevitable

The idea that it would be a bad move to purchase a new Nintendo Switch refers primarily to the earlier models of the console. Most console generations last five to six years on average, so the original Switch is already at that point. While the Switch OLED has been released since then and is a better version of the device, it does still pose many of the same issues as its predecessors, such as lower performance specs and the Switch Joy-Cons’ infamous stick drift due to Nintendo keeping the design the same for the sake of compatibility with older versions.

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Rumors have long been circulating that a Nintendo Switch 2, or even a Nintendo Switch Pro is coming, and various patents that have been filed by Nintendo have shown that the company is actively looking at ways to fix any complaints fans have had about the Switch in its future versions. Therefore, if players haven’t already bought a Switch in the six years from its release, it would be wise to wait a bit longer for the superior model to get the best experience and longevity (no matter how cool the leaked Legend of Zelda: TOTK Switch OLED looks).

The Nintendo Switch May Not Be Able To Handle Some Future Releases

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2's Ghost next to the Nintendo Switch logo.

While the Switch already boasts an impressive library, with many Nintendo-exclusive franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and Super Mario, it’s likely that before too long the older hardware of the Switch will not be able to keep up with the demands of newer titles from third-party developers. Large game franchises such as Call of Duty will be releasing on Nintendo devices over the next 10 years, and later games in that franchise are known for requiring huge amounts of storage. Larger third-party AAA titles have been made playable on the Switch in the past via the cloud, but when playing titles portably cloud gaming isn’t always that reliable, going against one of the Switch’s key selling points.

If Nintendo was to focus on bringing more power and performance to the next Nintendo Switch, rather than another cosmetic upgrade, players who want to keep up to date with current releases will likely have to be on the superior console. While cross-generation play hasn’t been much of an issue across PlayStation and Xbox, the PS4 and Xbox One were already more powerful than the Switch, meaning that a Nintendo Switch Pro or Switch 2 would be a far larger gap in what it can handle compared to its predecessor. If players haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch by now, it could be worth waiting a little longer to see what Nintendo has in store for the next 6 years.

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Source: Nintendo of America/YouTube

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