Married At First Sight: What Taylor Dunklin Is Up To In 2021

Love at First Sight star Taylor Dunklin appeared on the show’s 10th season. She may be single, but currently she is enjoying life in Washington, DC.

Tyler Dunklin Appears in Season 10 Love at first sight with ex-husband Brandon Reed. The pair had disaster during their season, and their marriage ended pretty badly. Both filed injunctions against each other and their relationship did not end well. After the divorce, Taylor lived her best life.

For Taylor, her time Love at first sight There was nothing like the fairy tale she expected. Taylor and Brandon often fight. At first, viewers thought they would be the strongest couple of the season, but they were wrong. During their honeymoon, Brandon threw a tantrum during production because he didn’t feel comfortable with the filming. Even after their honeymoon, Brandon and Taylor still couldn’t see each other.

Now, Taylor just lives her life. It can be hard for fans to keep up with her because she does it all the time instagram private. However, she has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the program as a fellow at Johns Hopkins University. She lives in Washington, DC and has an adorable dog named Tyson. On her Instagram, Taylor often showcases photos from her travels, as well as photos of her favorite DC locations.

Taylor has also been very outspoken about her online activity. She encouraged her followers to vote in the November election and posted a lengthy headline about her disappointment and frustration following the January 2021 Capitol riots. Taylor may not have found true love yet MAFS, he befriended Meka Jones, who defended her in interviews. Taylor and Brandon are simply a mismatched couple, and with the news that Taylor shouldn’t even be Brandon’s rival, it means they’re very much at odds.

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Season 10 is filled with mismatched couples. Michael Watson and Meka Jones was a bad match. Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman are another struggling couple. Although they were together on Decisive Day, they clashed during their reunion, with Derek accusing Katie of betraying him. Now Katie is engaged to a new man and looks very happy despite not finding love Love at first sight Taylor is just enjoying life. The show has brought her attention both good and bad, so she may choose to keep a low profile for now. Still, fans hope Taylor will find the love she’s been looking for.

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