How to superscript and subscript in Google Docs

If you’re creating a document to teach math or science information in Google Docs, you may need to use superscript. This type of text appears slightly above the main text and uses a smaller font size. Although most commonly used for math and science, you’ll also see superscript used to indicate a footnote. Similarly, a subscript is commonly used to write chemical equations and formulas.

You can superscript or subscript text on the Google Docs website, as well as in the mobile app on Android and iPhone. Let’s see how to add and subscribe in Google Docs.

Superscript in Google Docs on the web

You can apply the superscript using the menu or keyboard shortcut. Visit the Google Docs website, sign in, and open your document.

Step 1 – Select the text you want to convert to superscript by double-clicking the word or using your cursor to click and drag the text to select longer sentences.

Step 2: Go to Format tab, then select Text.

Step 3: Choose Superscript in the popup menu.

Text, Superscript in the Google Docs Format menu.

Step 4 – You will see the selected text on top of the surrounding text and in a slightly smaller font.

To use a keyboard shortcut instead, select the desired text, and then press Control + . (dot) in Windows or Domain + . (dot) on a Mac.

To remove the superscript, follow these same steps and deselect the superscript format, or use the same keyboard shortcut.

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Superscript text in Google Docs on the web.

Superscript in Google Docs in the mobile app

You can apply the above index in Google Docs on your mobile using the formatting tool. Launch the Google Docs app on your Android or iPhone and open the document.

Step 1: choose Edit (pencil icon) in the lower right corner to open edit mode.

Step 2: Select the text you want to overwrite. Touch and hold a word on Android or double-tap it on iPhone.

Step 3 – Tap Format button at the top. It looks like a capital “A” with four lines on Android and an underlined capital “A” on iPhone.

Step 4 – When you see formatting tools appear at the bottom, select them Superscript icon. This appears as an “X” with an exponent of 2, as an exponent.

Step 5: You will then see your text formatted as a superscript.

To remove the superscript, follow the same steps to deselect the format.

Subscribe to Google Docs on the web

Just as you can overwrite in the Google Docs web interface, you can also subscribe. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Google Docs website and open the document you want to subscribe to.

Selecting the desired text in the Google document, then selecting Format.

Step 2: Select the text you want to subscribe to. then choose Format.

Selecting the Text menu option, then Subscribe in Google Docs on the web.

Step 3: Select from the menu that appears Text. then choose index.

You can also write an index using the following keyboard shortcut: CTRL + , (comma). Then write as usual. To turn indexing off, simply press the shortcut again before continuing to type.

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That’s all! Your text should now be in the index.

Text in a Google document now displays a table of contents.

Subscribe to the Google Docs mobile app

Indexing a Google Document in the Docs mobile app is pretty similar to how you would index a mobile app. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Documents app on your mobile device. Next, select the document you want to subscribe to.

Step 2: choose Edit icon. It looks like a pencil.

Step 3: Now select the text you want to subscribe. then choose Format icon at the top of the screen. It must contain the letter “A”.

Step 4: Choose Text tab in the menu that appears. then choose index icon. This icon looks like an “X” with a small number two at the bottom.

Once index selected icon, its callout should immediately appear as an index. If you want to unindex, just select index icon again.

When you’re done editing, select Tick icon to save changes.

Now that you know how to add and sign in to Google Docs, learn how to strikethrough in Google Docs or how to select multiple pieces of text.

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