How to Succeed in Business with a Major in Liberal Arts?

After you graduate from high school, choosing a major to continue your studies is an exhausting job. Students and parents are often confused about what can help a child build a successful career. Often, students and parents decide on a major based on their child’s interests. For example, if a child is interested in studying human behavior, he or she will choose the field of psychology. Likewise, if a child wants to be an entrepreneur, most people recommend choosing a business degree. But that’s not entirely true. You can also succeed in business with a liberal arts degree.

What is liberal arts?

To fully understand how the liberal arts help business success, we should first know what this topic covers. A liberal arts degree typically revolves around four subjects. These include the social sciences, the natural sciences, the arts, and the humanities. Suppose we explore the topics in more detail. In this case, they are chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, sociology, psychology, political science, history, literature, linguistics, philosophy and logic.

Most students who choose to study economics or psychology are graduates of the liberal arts. Unlike technical fields like engineering and medicine, liberal arts students study a variety of subjects. As a result, they experience an expansion of their mental horizons. They are well equipped to deal with the world rather than an individual studying only one specialized area. Today, a number of academies offer online liberal arts programs that entrepreneurs can pursue even while running a business. On the other hand, if you are a full-time student, you might consider applying for a liberal arts program on campus.

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But if you’re still confused, see how this degree can turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

How does Liberal Arts ensure business success?

We know that sounds hard to believe at the moment, but please listen to us. After reading the reasons why we believe liberal arts is a great qualification for business success, you too will be convinced!

1. As an interdisciplinary program:

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. When managing a business, you need to have a detailed understanding of various topics. Knowing a particular niche can get you productive, but with business it’s completely different. Managing an organization requires the owner to think from many different perspectives. And liberal arts equips you to do just that. Since this is an interdisciplinary field, it prepares individuals to look at situations from a different perspective. And this is an ideal trait to have when you are an entrepreneur.

2. Encourage soft skills:

Another essential trait to develop when running a business are great soft skills. These skills are a combination of communication skills, social skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence. Consider using communication skills. When you are an entrepreneur, you have to deal with a number of different stakeholders. And also for long term strategy and planning. For example, you may need to contact banks to convince them to lend you or meet investors and close deals. Communication is a key element in these types of deals, which is why it’s a skill that entrepreneurs should always possess!

Moreover, business includes people. Your employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and executives are the people you need to manage and move forward together. Without the right people skills, you cannot survive as a business leader. When you have to solve problems, offer solutions, convince people to agree to your terms. All of this is only possible if you know the right tactics to deal with people.

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A liberal arts degree gives you many of the soft skills needed to run a business. It teaches you to think creatively, solve problems, work in teams, be flexible. And this is why a liberal arts degree is perfect if you want a successful business.

You can always add a business degree:

A common misconception is that you can’t get into business school after earning a liberal arts degree. Over time, business schools have changed the criteria. You can graduate with a liberal arts degree and then choose a master’s degree in business studies to complete your graduate studies. Through the liberal arts, you gain a broad understanding of various topics. On the contrary, you gain good business knowledge through a master’s degree. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, studying liberal arts and business subjects is the perfect match for you.


Over the years, the education system and the way people view certain degrees have changed a lot. There is a gradual shift towards subjects that provide students with more complete knowledge and understanding. As graduates enter the practical world, it is essential to have a more thorough understanding of each field along with in-depth specialist knowledge. However, it is best to have a combination of the two. An individual can easily succeed in business with a liberal arts degree. However, pursuing a business degree can open up some great opportunities for business success.

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