How to Get MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survive

To befriend and recruit the Ultimate MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survival, the Tamer needs to answer “Lawful Good” in dialogue.

Similar to Angemon, Magna Angemon is the ultimate Angel Digimon. Digimon Survival Possesses eight shiny silver wings. The archangel is the guardian of order and the enforcer of the law. He acts as the custodian of the digital world and simultaneously controls other angelic digimon. Beastmasters are able to recognize this digital monster thanks to the large holy sword Excalibur mounted on his right arm and the beam shield on his left arm. Also, this Digimon is in Digimon Survival It is said that there is a battle mode and a priest mode. When activated, Battle Mode keeps Magna Angemon’s stern and serious personality, while Priest Mode makes it act softer, much like Angemon’s soft personality.

Digimon Survival Fans must go to Season 6 of the main storyline to encounter MagnaAngemon in a freestyle battle in the Second Island area. This Digimon usually appears in battle with other Angel Digimon. When tamers are fighting, they can initiate a dialogue scene with MagnaAngemon by selecting “Enemies” in the “Dialogue” action menu. It is best to do this before any battles occur at the start of the battle sequence.

The next step is for the Tamer to prove himself worthy of MagnaAngemon’s care by responding to the Archangel with the best answer in the dialogue. Therefore, MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survival Players will be given statements or questions. Players will also need to talk to MagnaAngemon if they plan to plant Perfect Enlightenment Pills in Digimon Survival. The protagonist will then have four answers to choose from, of which the best answer will be awarded two points. Earn enough points and MagnaAngemon will lower his guard, offering to join the tamer on their journey, or gift them a useful item.

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Recruit MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survival

Recruit MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survival

Use the answers below to answer each related question or statement from MagnaAngemon. Remember, the interactions will happen in a random order, so the player must be careful with each answer.

  • Q: By the way, why are you here? | Best Answer: I was directed here.
  • Q: What kind of person are you? | Best Response: My own type.
  • Q: What do you think is most important in building trust? | Best Feedback: Trust your partner.
  • Q: Is there a stronger relationship than family? | BEST ANSWER: Definitely.
  • Q: The goal of this battle is to Digimon Survival It was to test each other’s strength. | Best Answer: I’ll definitely be on top!
  • Q: Is there anything you want to tell me? Go ahead and don’t be shy. | Best Answer: Thank you for your kindness.
  • Q: It is better to act than to sit still and worry. | BEST ANSWER: You have to keep going.

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