Love Island USA: Genny Wants To ‘Move On’ From Talking About The Show

Genevieve Shawcross Announces She’s Ready “forward” from American Love Island Part 3 to appear in the show “It really hurts [her] spirit. “ These islanders were introduced to Genny as newcomers to Casa Amor. However, unlike most of her Casa co-stars, Jenny managed to stick around after Jeremy Hershberg chose to work with her again at the main villa. Alas, this forces Genevieve to confront her best friend’s sister, Shannon St Claire, after hearing something from Josh Goldstein.

According to Josh, Genny revealed Shannon’s dating history while filming Casa Amor. Josh claims Genny told him “Tattered” Details of Shannon’s past relationships. Kenny categorically denies the allegations and claims that it was in fact Shannon who revealed Kenny’s dating history to other islanders. However, Genny was evicted from the mansion shortly after joining the main cast.

Now, Genevieve is responding to a fan asking why she doesn’t talk about the show anymore (screenshot below). “Some people have asked me why I don’t post about Love Island anymore,” she explained, “I really don’t have anything to post or say! But I also want to move on because it really hurts my spirit.” Genny expressed her again American Love Island regret and ask her fans to allow her to continue this experience. Overall, she seems to cherish and appreciate her very much island of love Fans, but she doesn’t want to reminisce about her time on the show. Genny also seems to appreciate some of the relationships she creates in the mansion, even if she feels some of her co-stars abused her on the show.

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In the past, Genny has criticized the way the producer edited her. American Love Island Season 3, claims that they edited her to care about Josh, which she never cared about. She also tried to mend her friendship with Shannon after he left the mansion, but it worked against her. Meanwhile, Shannon accuses Genny of being indifferent to the death of Josh’s sister, Lindsey Beth Goldstein. Genevieve denied the claims, saying she did not know where they came from.

It has been a bumpy ride for Genny during and after her tenure American Love Island Season 3. She seems to have lost her old friend Shannon’s sister, as well as her potential connection to co-stars like Shannon and Josh. She also didn’t last long on the show after being quickly dumped at the mansion by Jeremy. Overall, fans are hoping Genny gets out of trouble soon.

Source: Genevieve Shawcross/Instagram

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