How to find the Giant Squid in Hogwarts Legacy

Open-world games are notorious for hiding little Easter eggs around the map for adventurous players to discover. Hogwarts Legacy hides plenty of these, but one of them is by no means small. Of all the magical creatures you can find and interact with in the game, there’s one that you’d be lucky to even catch a glimpse of if you don’t know where to look. The Giant Squid is nearly as elusive in the game as it is in real life, but it’s quite a sight to behold. While there’s no real requirement or benefit to spotting the legendary creature, it is still a fun secret to experience for yourself. If you fancy yourself a monster hunter, here’s how to find the Giant Squid in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to find the Giant Squid

There are three ways you can spot the Giant Squid in Hogwarts Legacy. The first is almost impossible to miss, and takes place during the main quest called “Flying Class” as you learn to fly the broomstick. As you’re soaring over the Black Lake, keep your eye on the water’s surface to see the tentacles rising up for a few moments.

A giant squid tentacle on a window.

If you missed that encounter, or want another view, you can trigger an appearance from the giant underwater beast, though only if you are in the Slytherin house. In the common room, approach the underwater window looking into the depths of the lake. Tap on the glass with any attack spells a couple times and the Giant Squid will tap back with one of its massive tentacles.

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A giant squid in a lake.

This last way is pure luck, but the Giant Squid can appear at random times and places in the Black Lake. Since it is random, there’s no real strategy to finding it except for flying around over the surface of the lake until you hear the loud sounds of it splashing its tentacles on the surface.

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