Hogwarts Legacy: Well, Well, Well Quest Guide

Well, well, side quests allow Hogwarts Legacy players to hunt for treasure, following a mysterious treasure map given to them by a talking well.

exist hogwarts heritage Okay okay okay During the quest, the player can follow the map to find hidden treasures by supporting the speaking magic. This is definitely one of the weirdest side quests a player can complete hogwarts heritageand players can miss it because its starting position is far from the trail. After obtaining the treasure map, the player must figure out where to find the hidden treasure based on clues and cryptic drawings that point to specific locations in the open world.

players may have followed hogwarts heritage Curse the treasure in the tomb by deciphering clues like a treasure map. Finding Well’s treasure is a bit easier because the player doesn’t need to prepare to fight dangerous creatures or Inferi. However, it’s hard to find a map to start this quest with, and even then, players still might not match their drawings with local landmarks. However, with a few hints, players should be able to complete the journey and earn some useful rewards.

How to find the Talking Man in the Hogwarts Heritage

Hogwarts Talking Well Heritage near Arlan County map location

Okay okay okay Available from the beginning of the game, but players need to get one of these hogwarts heritage Broom to finish it. Aside from the long-distance travel involved, the player can only get to the Well’s Treasure by flying. The talking well can be found at the map location shown above, southeast of the town in Arranshire. Arlan County is located east of Hogwarts, across the Black Lake near the Railway Bridge.

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Hogwarts Legends Players Test Magic Talk Near Arranshire for Well Well Side Quest

When the player reaches the area, they can investigate and talk to the well. After some initial confusion, players will receive The Well’s treasure map and can begin deciphering the clues inside.

How to find treasure in the well

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Side Quest Treasure Map Location

The treasure map points to the location on the map above, southeast of the Fieldcroft area. To get there, players should head to the town of Irondale, keeping an eye out for some Merlin Trials in the Feldcroft area along the way. The treasure is located in several ruins in the canyon south of Irondale and can be reached by the player with a broom or a flying mount.

Hogwarts Heritage players look at the Well Well Side Quest Treasure Ruins in the ravine

When the player lands in the ruins closest to the edge of the canyon, they will be able to spot a lone tree among several ruins, also depicted by a clue on the map. To find the treasure, the player should cast Levioso on the tree to uproot the tree, revealing the treasure chest wrapped around the roots. They can then go up the tree and open the chest to get their treasure: the Treasure Hunter’s Bicorn and some additional Galleons.

done Okay okay okay search. Before returning to Hogwarts and continuing their game, players may want to return to Irondale to collect one of the Highlands’ rare field guide pages. hogwarts heritage adventure.

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