All Bond Locations In Like a Dragon: Ishin

The relationships players explore in various locations in Like a Dragon: Ishin expand on the side story and provide rewards through friendships with other characters.

depth behind the world Like a Dragon: Ishin From a collection of characters that players can meet and bond with in certain locations. These relationships can be optional for the player, but each relationship provides additional side-story content that expands on the people protagonist Ryoma Sakamoto meets. Not only can players gain insight into the lives of others through these established relationships, but they can also earn rewards for pursuing these relationships.

There are two types of bonds that players can find, both of which are called friendships, classified as personal or store. Ryoma has the opportunity to interact with more than 48 bonds and complete quests related to their goals in the form of various side quests. Many of these bonds are a great way for players to make money from them Like a Dragon: Ishin, and other new loot or items in the shop. There are many relationships to discover throughout all parts of the main story, so players should always be looking for opportunities to form new relationships or strengthen existing friendships.

Everyone’s Friendship Bond Position

Like a Dragon: A side story about Ishin's friendship through the frequently lost courier character




logging machine

Near point Fushimi sedan.

  • ancient charms
  • compass is broken
  • 1,500 virtues


Anywhere with sedan seats.

beggar slaves

The player unlocks this connection by talking to the beggar on the first floor of Mukurogai Like a Dragon: IshinSet in feudal Japan, he sits at the bevel of the door leading to the Low Street northeast of the arms dealer.

  • precision machinery
  • 1,500 virtues

hungry sumo wrestler

After the player encounters Yamazaki in the main storyline, the sumo wrestler’s voice can be heard on Teramachi South Street, southeast of Don Quixote.

revolutionary chef

On the first road found in Gion, the sedan chair allows the player to step off.

  • Revolutionary Croquettes Recipe
  • 1,500 virtues

unwitting husband

The player can find a person looking at the river on the bridge leading to Teramachi on Higashishijo Street near the river.

  • Manly love bento
  • 1,500 virtues

sword seed

In the same place, players find husbands yearning for their love.

  • Tuna Blacksmith (Katana)
  • 1,500 virtues

lost memory

In Chapter 4 Like a Dragon: IshinIn a stylish samurai tale, players can spot a man on the ground on the path behind the bridge leading to Kiyomizu Shrine.

  • Charcoal
  • millennium branch
  • holy wood
  • 1,500 virtues

guard beaten

The player can see a person standing at the corner and the player will take Minami Umekojicho from Kita Fushimi Ichibangai to Raku Street.

forgetful woman

As the player walks down Karasuma Street in Rakunai before reaching Teramachi Street, a woman will ask for help finding her wallet.

  • Health products
  • 3 am
  • 1,500 virtues

vegetarian boy

Head to the Mibu exit near the east corner.

desperate fisherman

Overlooking the river southeast of Fushimi in the Shinmachi area.

Injured grandma

Players can use this Mafia The samurai subtitle Rakugai Teramachi to the east, then head down the north bank to an injured old woman near the river.

mysterious businessman

In Chapter 4, a small hut with this character can be found south of the weapon dealer in Rakugai, after the player goes up a set of stairs, west of where they can get the Well Water.

  • enter new store
  • how bright
  • 1,500 virtues

sexy lady

Next to a tree in South Gion Square.

  • Health products
  • gold plate
  • 1,500 virtues

trash boy

Between the two large buildings of the Teraday Inn in Kuramachi.

garbage agent

On the first floor of Mukurogai, the player can travel north to the forbidden area that leads to the world of Rakugai. Like a Dragon: Ishin On the left find a bald man presiding over this bond.

Express delivery is often lost

Head southeast of Fushimi, near the ferry terminal where the player can get to Six Sixth Street.

patient dog

In Yashikimachi, Fushimi, south of the dojo, the player goes to Sengoku’s mansion.

  • Pet for Another Life (get items for the player)
  • 1,500 virtues

injured dog

On the first floor of Mukurogai, at the beginning of the street near the center of the road, or at the north end of the road leading to the center of town on the left side of Heaven.

  • Pet for Another Life (get items for the player)
  • 1,500 virtues


As the player drives down Higashi Shijo Street and round the corner at Teramachi’s Ebisu Pawn Rakunai, the player will see a cutscene featuring the best dog in the game.

  • Pet for Another Life (get items for the player)
  • 1,500 virtues

hungry cat

In an alley near the neighborhood center in Dongmeikouji town, northeast of Yunyuan.

  • Pet for Another Life (improved Another Life loot)
  • 1,500 virtues

dirty pussy

Southwest of Fushimi, sits near the mouth of the river.

  • Pet for Another Life (improved Another Life loot)
  • 1,500 virtues

Lucky cat

Reminds me of that cute cat lostThe player can see a man bowing to another cat on Karasuma Street.

  • Pet for Another Life (improved Another Life loot)
  • 5 am
  • 1,500 virtues
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Each bond position stores friendship

Like a Dragon: Ishin Arms Dealer shop where players can level up bonds through side story content

The location of each store is listed below Like a Dragon: Ishin Possible bond options, including rewards for completing them.




Owner Utamaru

Southeast of Fushimi, near the ferryman that takes the player to Mukurogai.

Owner Umai Udon

Southeast of Fushimi, near the ferryman that takes the player to Mukurogai.

dance city teacher

Southeast of Fushimi, near the ferryman that takes the player to Mukurogai.

Shinto priest

Players unlock this bond when buying “Communication between priests, open!” Level up at any altar with at least 500 virtues.


Rakunai’s Shinto Priest is followed after the player has progressed in the main story and afterlife.

  • Akari’s Omosubi
  • 1,500 virtues

Pharmacist Ecchudo

With Ecchudo in Rakunai.

arms trade

Players can easily find this shackle in Luowai.

  • Dragon Teeth (Rare Artifact)
  • new sale
  • 1,500 virtues


Inside the Gion Yamabuki brothel.

chicken eating contest receptionist

In the chicken coop.

  • compass is broken
  • 1,500 virtues


Through Ichikura’s grocery store in Fushimi.

The girls at the Uji teahouse

In the Uji teahouse area.

staff don quixote

North of the Don Quixote site.

God Kasuga

It’s at the Kasugami store.

  • white silk
  • 1,500 virtues

Chef Aoba

Inside the Aoba kitchen building.

Momogawa brothers

The player can find this Bond brother in Shippoku Momokawa.

  • compass is broken
  • 1,500 virtues

Sushi Chef Zanmai

Chef at Sushi Zanmai.

Staff member Hanamaru Udon

The player can find this bond in Hanamaru Udon.

  • Beef udon can be purchased
  • 1,500 virtues


At the Ebisu pawn shop.

  • platinum lump
  • 1,500 virtues

fruit and vegetable seller

Go to a fruit and vegetable shop in Fushimi.

  • Charcoal
  • 1,500 virtues

shogi shop owner

Through shogi shop owner Rakuney.

  • Dragon Tears
  • 1,500 virtues

Karaoke Bar (Utamaruya)

Near Fushimi North Gate.

  • wind dance
  • 1,500 virtues

Distributor Cho-Han

Inside the casino on Los Street.

Tavern owner Fufu

Near the southwest corner of Fushimi Ichibangai inner city street.

  • sake wine
  • 1,500 virtues

Residents of the mahjong room

The first floor of the mahjong shop on Meguro Street.

  • charming doll
  • 1,500 virtues
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