Yu-Gi-Oh! Ranking The Lyrilusc Cards’ Art

The Lyrilusc series of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is comprised of winged-beast monsters with humanoid forms, somewhat similar to the Harpie Lady cards used by Mai in the anime. The cards feature both child-like and adult-like cards, with the child-like cards working together to form the adult monsters.

The Lyrilusc archetype is all about swarming the field to bring out its boss monsters. With that in mind, if a duelist fights against a Lyrilusc deck, they’re going to be looking at those cards quite often. As such, which of the cards will be the most interesting to view, and which of them are a bit duller than others?

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler is one of the more child-like cards, and it takes the lowest spot on the list due to the colors of the card really not being all that interesting. While the yellow and blue colors on Turquoise Warbler itself do look nice, the background itself is also yellow, meaning that there’s not too much variation throughout the entire card.

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler doesn’t necessarily have bad artwork, but it is the worst of the Lyrilusc cards due to the rest of them being more varied and interesting.

Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lyrilusc Cobalt Sparrow Card + Art

Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow is the second of the more child-like cards in the Lyrilusc family, and it’s overall more appealing than Turquoise Warbler is. Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow is a bit more varied when it comes to color, being brown and tan with a maroonish background, along with a few splashes of other colors here and there that make things pop a bit more.

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It overall looks a lot better than Turquoise Warbler due to the background looking a bit different than the monster itself color-wise. Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow looks good enough to be one place higher on the list, as it is very, very close to the next monster, and misses the mark by a very small margin.

Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lyrilusc Cobalt Sparrow Card + Art

Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow is the final of the child-like cards on the list and is the most appealing of all of those cards. The monster itself is a dark blue and white combination that looks great, especially with the yellow of the feet. The background is a nice combination of blue, green, and even some nice purple hues.

The background colors look great together, and so do the colors on the actual monster, too. And the monster looks great with the background. All of the elements of this card come together to form a really solid looking card. However, none of the child-like monsters look as great as the more adult-like ones, which take the top spots on this list.

Lyrilusc – Independent Nightingale

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lyrilusc Independent Nightingale

Lyrilusc – Independent Nightingale is the fusion boss monster of the Lyrilusc cards, and it has a really great design. The card is based around darker colors throughout its design, with blues, purples, and maroon being the highlights. The monster itself has a much more varied look to it than the more child-like cards and even seems to be somewhat angry with glowing red eyes.

Due to its larger size, Lyrilusc – Independent Nightingale is much more colorful and intricate, which places it above all of the child-like Lyrilusc cards on the list. However, the other two adult-like cards do place just a bit higher, as their designs only get better from here.

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Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale Card + Art

Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale is another boss monster from the archetype, being an Xyz card (while not pictured, the Xyz black border looks great against this card’s pastel-style artwork). Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale has light yellow, aqua, and pink colors throughout its body, along with some black accents. In addition, it has a green background, with lighter and darker versions of the color throughout. Everything about this card meshes together very well.

The monster itself has a lot going on, with four different colors on its body. However, those colors go together very well, and the background is a great setting for the card that helps to make it really pop. All in all, Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale has a really nice, pastel-like color scheme that works great. However, there is one card above Assembled Nightingale on the list that has the best art of the archetype. Assembled Nightingale also has total Zigfried vibes, so that’s a nice little bonus.

Lyrilusc – Recital Starling

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lyrilusc - Recital Starling Card + Art

Lyrilusc – Recital Starling looks unlike all of the other monsters in its archetype, and that is a great thing because it is an absolutely stunning card. Orange, blue, and black are the major colors in this card, along with a beautiful star pattern on the monster’s wings. All of these elements come together to form a nice design that is reminiscent of space, which can be seen on both the monster itself and the background.

Add in the nice purple of the monster’s skin, and it makes for an absolutely stunning card. Lyrilusc – Recital Starling is a great card that is wholly unique. While it does share design cues with the rest of the monsters in its archetype, its colors are super interesting and unique, none of the other monsters have a color scheme that even comes close to Lyrilusc – Recital Starling. With that in mind, this card certainly takes the No. 1 spot on the list.

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