Harley Quinn Art is So Perfect, Even Her Creator Has To Give Props

An online artist has received quite a bit of praise for his Harley Quinn artwork. A Twitter post by artist Jordan Gibson was reposted by one of Crime Clown’s co-creators.

Harley Quinn is an original character who first appeared in Batman: Animated Series Created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. The character immediately made an impression on fans of the show, and it wasn’t long before Harley became a full-fledged member of the DC Universe. Harley has been a fan favorite ever since she entered the classic comic series, and her popularity continues unabated. Once just the Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn broke through with many series, book collaborations, and even Justice League collaborations. Harley Quinn is even an official member of the Bat-family! Harley has certainly shot to fame in a relatively short time, and it seems fans can’t get enough of her hilarious adventures. Just look at social media, and the character’s fans express their love for her with unrelenting praise.

For example, Jordan Gibson in Twitter The post contains the message “My favorite sketch of a bisexual woman disaster Pride: Harley Quinn!” and lovely cartoon style images of Harley. The artwork features Harley wearing her classic clown costume, similar to Batman: Animated SeriesThe tweet caught the attention of series author and Harley Quinn co-writer Paul Dini, who retweeted it on his personal page. Twitter with the phrase “It’s charming!‘, alluding to the character’s signature Brooklyn accent. Dini has previously expressed approval for Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn, so he’s no doubt quick to praise the character. A solid adaptation of the character.

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Gibson’s artwork has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets, but receiving props from a creator responsible for bringing the beloved character into the world certainly brought smile on the artist’s face.

Characters like Harley Quinn are loved by thousands, if not millions, and that devotion has inspired widespread admiration from some truly creative fans. Fan art, cosplay, novels and custom LEGO bricks can be used to show the world how their favorite characters have been the inspiration for their talents. Quinn in particular has become popular with fan artists and cosplayers, with some cosplays even bringing Harley Quinn back to her classic outfit. Paul Dini may have seen a lot of Harley artwork in his day, so his praise of Jordan Gibson’s Harley Quinn should be seen as another well-deserved compliment.

source: gibson jordan, Paul Dini

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