Star Wars Has An Opportunity To Finally Make VADER’s Apprentice Canon

While it’s almost happened once before, there’s a new chance Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice is made official again Star Wars canon.main character Liberation Force In the video game, Vader’s apprentice Starkiller is relegated Star Wars’ Not a classic story since Disney’s ongoing purge in 2012. Still, the legendary character’s past and upcoming return Ahsoka The show could be the perfect vehicle for a return to Starkiller.

Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice Coming Back to Canon, Reported Star Wars cartoon series. However, the plan ultimately fell through after it was decided that the character didn’t quite fit the story of the early Rebel Alliance. But another opportunity has arisen with the upcoming reality show Ahsoka The film stars Rosario Dawson as Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice.

The Star Wars Rebels are about to bring back Darth Vader’s secret apprentice

According to the voice actors of Starkiller and Darth Maul in 2017, Sam Witwer revealed that Lucasfilm executive creative director Dave Filoni considered bringing the Vader’s Apprentice version back to the mainstream. idea Star WarsThe story of Starkiller will not be the same as in the game, but instead, Starkiller’s origins will be reconstructed so that he becomes one of Vader’s Jedi-Hunting Inquisitors. Thus, Starkiller could continue down the path of the dark side instead of being redeemed after Vader’s in-game betrayal.

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Starkiller was originally named the son of Galen Marek and a fallen Jedi Knight, and the original origins of Vader training him as a child may well remain the same. However, if he became an Inquisitor like many of the other Fallen Jedi in the canon, he didn’t need to undergo secret training. That said, it’s conceivable a scenario where Starkiller could still favor Vader because of his strength and power in the Force. However, this whole concept was eventually abandoned by Filoni as it was not suitable for older people. Rebels story telling.

There are many mysteries about the Royal Inquisitor

Darth Vader with the lightsaber drawn and the Royal Inquisitor.

Although the conclusion is Star Wars and many other projects related to Inquisitors such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and reincarnated Jedi knight In the game, there’s still a lot that fans don’t know about the Jedi Hunters. For example, some never wear helmets and the exact number of Inquisitors serving Vader is unknown. As such, the Inquisitor is mysterious and ambiguous enough that Starkiller Star Wars‘ future.

According to the establishment Star Wars Moving on, The Inquisitor disappeared from the galaxy in the original trilogy. Similar, Ahsoka Will be set primarily after the Fall of the Empire, meaning that the enemy Ahsoka Tano faces in the show’s first trailer isn’t the Inquisitor wielding an orange lightsaber. However, there is a shot in the trailer that shows Ahsoka actually confronting the Masked Inquisitor, hinting that the show will return to Ahsoka’s past. So maybe Tano could face the reincarnated Starkiller, tasked with bringing her to meet Vader.

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Why Ahsoka would be the perfect choice for the return of Starkiller

Ahsoka Tano and Starkiller

In fact, the concept of a classic version of Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice confronting Darth Vader would be too much for Filoni and Lucasfilm to reject. Ahsoka This show is the perfect opportunity for Starkiller to return, like Marshal Thrawn from “Legend” to Star Wars animated series.Thrawn, for example, will also be in Ahsoka (Lars Mikkelsen takes the role.)

The idea of ​​Starkiller being a quintessential Royal Inquisitor could negate his chances of redeeming the Jedi as seen in the original Legends game, as well as his role in the founding of the Floating League get up. However, it will still be interesting to see any version of his character. Brief appearance and/or attendance Ahsoka would be very satisfying, especially if it means that Starkiller will get some sort of classic future in the future. Star Wars Galaxy forward.

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